marco fanton

  1. Burgs

    AFIII Thanks, Marco!

    So there I was, churning out yet another overdrive video, when up comes a notice to say that the Axe-FX III has been granted yet another significant firmware update, FW 16.03, AND no less than 384 completely overhauled presets. Ulp. Is there any other company in the musical hardware world that...
  2. ProgressiveRocco

    AFIII 80s ballad jam w/ Marco Fanton

    Hey guys! Going for something a little bit different this time, together with my good friend @Marco Fanton ! This is our instrumental rendition of "Almeno tu nell'universo" by Italian singer Mia Martini (20 September 1947 – 12 May 1995), always loved this song. Translating vocal melodies on the...
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