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  1. jaycroft97

    Helmet Tones?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if someone more experienced dialing in tones on the AF3 might be able to help with getting closer to the Helmet guitar tones from the Size Matters album (2004). I'm a big fan of Page Hamilton and the overall sound of this album. I'm currently dialing in the Fryette...
  2. shaunb

    ML Sound Lab Cab Pack 19 Helmet cover

    Here's a recording I threw together to test out the soon to be released Cab Pack 19 Bulb Angle Citrus from ML Sound Lab. It's my favourite song from my all time favourite band. Amp: Brit Pre Rhythm guitars IR: ML Citrus 4x12 SM57-M160 01 Lead and overlays: ML Citrus 4x12 SM57-MD421 03 Bass IR...
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