1. D

    AFIII Refused - Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine Cover

    Finally felt brave enough to post a song because everyone here is so amazing.... Here's a dumb, quick, unfinished demo recording I made, guitars and bass all through axe fx III. It's sloppy, but it was for fun / a test. disclaimer: if you dont like banshee constipated vocals look elsewhere.
  2. J’sGear

    Anyone willing to share your killer Metal/Post-Hardcore/Metalcore tones/presets?

    Does anyone have any good Metal/Post-Hardcore/Metalcore tones, presets they are willing to share? Just brought my Fractal Axe Fx II back to factory presets. Looking to see if anyone is willing to share their hard work, many hours spent tweaking and perfecting, hard earned tones with me? Im into...
  3. E

    please help me make hardcore guitar tones!

    tony danza 4 album i play the 8 string in EBEBEF#BE and this album above is in that tuning i can play there songs but im terrible at actual technical music knowledge im hoping you guys can give me tones that sound like this album and how to dial them. i do own some sound cabs i think its...
  4. M

    A last recording

    Hey @all, long time no post. Sorry for that and that i just occasionaly chime in to promote the one or the other project i have. But this is my last recording. At least my last recording with FW 17.00 ;) But i think i ll post more songs soon as my current project Freakstone is about to change...
  5. Moshermax9

    Bass Tone

    So I just started playing bass for a new band and im trying to get a nice deep bass tone similar in the vein of trapped under ice. Any suggestions??
  6. Joshua Thornton

    Mix-Ready, Mutli-purpose Metalcore, Djent, Hardrock Preset

    This is the exact rhythm/lead preset I currently use with my band, Alive In The Night, both live and in the studio. I have owned my AX8 for about a year and have tweaked this preset multitudinously since joining the Fractal community. Originally molded to fit the sound of my Reverend Sensei Ra...
  7. heanjurrera

    [Tele + Euro Blue Modern] Berserk 2016 opening cover

    Hello! This is an instrumental cover of 9mm Parabellum Bullet's Inferno, which as you may or not know, served as the opening song to the 2016 Berserk anime adaptation. This song was by far my favourite thing related to this show, and I figured I'd share my jab at it since it's been awhile since...
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