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  1. Burgs

    Deluxe! Vid and free patch.

    There's little you can't do with a Deluxe (Re)Verb. This preset aims to demonstrate just how potent an adventurously dialled-in DR can be. Rock on. Download: Video demo.
  2. Jack_Zan

    Opeth - Deliverance Guitar Tonematch

    hi guys, i tried to do opeth tonematch, here's the result : Let me know if you like it :) scene 1 clean scene 2 clean for acustic parts (piezo only) scene 3 rithm scene 4 lead scene 5 crunch here's the patch:
  3. diezel013

    AFIII Red Barchetta - Rush Cover (+ Alex Lifeson Preset) 🎼🎸

    Really proud with how this one came out... Thank you to the incredible Joe Calderone and Kyle Brian Abbott for lending their talents. Would love for you to check this out! As promised, my Alex Lifeson preset is included below :) P.S. If any of you need session players these fine young lads...
  4. AnswerInfinity

    Purple Haze Patch and Riff

    I decided to get really granular with the Purple Haze intro in my Riff of the Month and also added a section (@ 5:27) as to how I programmed the sound. I dropped the sound on the Axe-Change too:
  5. diezel013

    AFIII Battery - Metallica ULTIMATE Cover (Metallica Puppets Era Patch included)

    Happy new year everyone :) Had a lot of fun cookin' up some Metallica with my buddies to start off 2021. Wishing everyone the very best. Cheers, Diego 🎼 Video premiering at 12PM Central/1PM Eastern today... If you like what you hear I would greatly appreciate your support for my channel...
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