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  1. Hyperion88

    JP2C, SM57, and 2I2

    First of all, I would like to state that I am in fact a "newb" in matters of recording. Right now I have an SM57 mic in front of my JP2C speakers, xlr cable going from the mic to the 2i2 (input 1), and the two outs of the 2i2 into 2 Yamaha HS50M. I already set the input and output of my computer...
  2. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx and Scarlett2i2 on a Mac with Cubase not working

    Sooooo, i kinda need this to be sorted out. Cubase recognizes the Interface, with correct inputs and outputs, but doesn't let me record or give me sound. As soon as I connect the Scarlett via USB it starts to flash Red Halos (maybe it's an error thing). I can record using the Axe direct with USB...
  3. N

    Axe FX -> Scarlett 2i2 -> KRK Not Hearing Stereo

    Does anyone know why I'm not hearing my Axe FX 2 XL in stereo through my audio interface (Scarlett 2i2 and active speaker (KRK RP4) rig? My setup is as follows: Guitar -> axe front input (using regular mono guitar cable) Axe Out 1 Left ----> Scarlett 2i2 input 1 (set to line level using...
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