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Recent content by zenaxe

  1. zenaxe

    Closest to ADA MP1?

    +1. Ideally an ADA model would use a model of the ADA T100 power amp!
  2. zenaxe

    The 300th amp model?!

    ADA Mp1 or GTFO
  3. zenaxe

    Great power amp options for axe fx3?

    I know, I have a PS2, And I am an EE also. So, whether you like it or not; because it is a tube amp the PS100 has an impedance curve associated with it that will interfere with the Axe’s modeing of the same response of the same effect; making your rig’s response significantly less accurate if...
  4. zenaxe

    Great power amp options for axe fx3?

    Even a really flat amp like a PS2 has an impedance curve so you will either want to disable power amp modeling on the Axe or customize the impedance response in the speaker settings on the amp to reduce an overly emphasized effect due to the real amp doing it on its own combined with the...
  5. zenaxe

    Wish ADA MP-1

    That‘s a capture not a model. It sounds like the device it capped at those settings… just like the other caps. I’m sure Kemper has a ADA profiles, too.
  6. zenaxe

    Kemper new iOS/iPad app, do you think fractal will be next?

    Given that the M1 Macs can run iOS apps; you’d think an M1 native FM3-Edit that’d run on both might be worth the investment. Line 6 should do a proper app next. Quad Cortex will get there with theirs… Fractal needs to think about more than just amp modeling, it is not the differentiating...
  7. zenaxe

    FM3 and external switch options?

    Yes @unix-guy and @mr_fender had already suggested this. I did get it sorted using that method but I do not like messing with the FC layout settings just to get this working. IMHO, the: Setup->Remote->MIDI/Remote-Other Page is buggy wrt to Tuner, Preset Inc/Dec, and several other settings that...
  8. zenaxe

    FM3 and external switch options?

    Thanks for confirming... Tuner does not work either; but tempo does... It is basically all screwed up on this page wrt to the ext switches. @FractalAudio at @Admin M@ I don't understand how to set the FC switch functions on an external switch. Will check the docs, etc. Thanks all.
  9. zenaxe

    FM3 and external switch options?

    No CC only. Feels like a bug.
  10. zenaxe

    FM3 and external switch options?

    So, I’m a long time Fractal person but an FM3, noob. It seems that I cannot assign preset increment/decrement to the my two button external foot switch but I can assign scene increment/decrement? This limitation seems arbitrary to the point where it almost feels like it must be bug or something…...
  11. zenaxe

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    I like the iLoud a lot.
  12. zenaxe

    Okay just ordered the FM3, is there any reason to keep the Axe FX II?

    If you don’t need to unload it; the II is still a superb guitar processor. Nothing can change that. A lot of the differences are overstated here in the Fractal forum (IMHO). I have a III a II and an FM3 OTW. The II is going to have a lot more routing and FX power than an FM3.
  13. zenaxe

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    As soon as LEDs could change color I knew the writing was on the wall.
  14. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    Same sentiment. LOL at people selling MKIs over this. UltraRes IRs are already way longer than what I use on any other device I own. On my Two Notes Captor X, I cut my IRs to like 40ms so I could fit more on it. My MKI is completely full in terms of IRs, too. You can use an arbitrarily long IR...
  15. zenaxe

    What´s with the Wizard W800 - is it just a super Marshall? Can we get close with Axefx3?

    You should pay them back by creating a great digital model of their crazy overpriced amps. ;)
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