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Recent content by zenaxe

  1. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    Same sentiment. LOL at people selling MKIs over this. UltraRes IRs are already way longer than what I use on any other device I own. On my Two Notes Captor X, I cut my IRs to like 40ms so I could fit more on it. My MKI is completely full in terms of IRs, too. You can use an arbitrarily long IR...
  2. zenaxe

    What´s with the Wizard W800 - is it just a super Marshall? Can we get close with Axefx3?

    You should pay them back by creating a great digital model of their crazy overpriced amps. ;)
  3. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Did the old Buttery get moved to a 'FAS Buttery' or similar? I haven't loaded any of the Cygnus stuff, yet. I understand progress and all, and am glad to have a new model based on the real deal, but the Buttery has been a long time favorite, so would love to see it still around. It's a keeper...
  4. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx 3 Rack Case Suggestions

    Dude. All that rack casing and no room for a 1U power amp? You have too much stuff! LOL. ;)
  5. zenaxe

    Cygnus Is Not Like Other Firmwares

    I love Fractal and the Axe, been here over a decade, through three generations of units, but; brutal truth: this kind of talk gets thrown around here with any major firmware update. It has been like this since the Axe 1. That said, I am sure it is great, just like the current firmware, is... I...
  6. zenaxe

    The REAL Mesa Boogie Mark IIC++

    The AxeFx c++ was just an old version of the c+ that Cliff restored to the firmware at Hetfields request. This was in response to one the axe II FWs. It is not a model of the Mesa IIc++ or one of James’s amps or anything exotic. Everyone went briefly crazy over it because of the Metallica...
  7. zenaxe

    Kee Marcello about Profiling and modelling

    It’s certainly difficult to refute something so eloquent and well thought out.
  8. zenaxe

    Possible Future Blocks

    Sadly, or rather joyously, depending on your perspective; there's a lot more differences between individual instruments than their sound. As a result, having played around with a number of them; I have found these types of tools variable in their usefulness and largely unsatisfying on the whole...
  9. zenaxe

    Anyone want Improvements in Axe-Fx User Interface?

    You can argue that the Axe's on unit UI is somewhat utilitarian but Axe-Edit is best in class in the industry as a preset editor. The grid, controllers, etc, pretty effortless given the level of complexity. Stuff like Amplitube does not have to interface with a physical hardware unit. Also, if...
  10. zenaxe


    Agreed. This is the wrong kind of tweaking to be doing backstage.
  11. zenaxe

    Share Your Favorite Tips for an SS Power Amp w/ Real Cab Setup

    Tune the impedance curve to your cab and set it the same on every amp model.
  12. zenaxe

    Want to speed up boot time? Delete all your presets!

    I always wondered why my 6505 booted so quick.
  13. zenaxe

    Which firmware made you say WOW the most?

    The one with the impedance curves and the one with the gain enhancer thing were big for me. But I have been largely happy since the Axe II days, so I do not get blown away every time an updated FW is pushed. Always love new models and FX but not gonna be 'WOW' over them. Always appreciate the...
  14. zenaxe

    Wish ADA MP-1

    If the MP-1 ever gets added I promise to stop requesting new amps. LOL.
  15. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    New amp models? Heck yes! Happy NAD Fractal peeps!
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