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Recent content by zazanroger

  1. Z

    FM9 sounds different than FM3?

    I think the quality wasn't reduced, It's even higher, when only 1 amp block the aliasing noise nearly inaudible when amp gain set to normal high gain level
  2. Z

    FM9 sounds different than FM3?

    You are right about oversampling I have AxeFx3, FM9, FM3 all three units and done sine sweep aliasing level test, Axefx3 have scary low level aliasing noise when only 1 amp block, the oversampling level (AxeFx3 1 amp block)>(AxeFx3 2 amp block)>(FM9 1=2 amp block=FM3 1 amp block)
  3. Z

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    Love even fast pitch tracking !!! but Usb output7-8(in USB block)does not working in beta 04,Does anybody have the same problem?I am on mac system
  4. Z

    Axe-Fx 3 Streaming?

    I have the same problem too, its very weird The only solution I find is use Input3
  5. Z

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    Hi, @FractalAudio When I compare the Cab Block and IR Player Block, load the same IR and the same setting on both Block I can feel the sound change very very subtle it hard to hear but when I play I can feel it different especially play loud , could you please make a switch that can switch...
  6. Z

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    @FractalAudio Hi Cliff Thanks for your hard work, May I ask some question about new JP IIc+model? Is Presence shift switch behave like Amp Presence pull? And I find fat switch build into this model am i right? Because It sound very different from 5.03 if I turn on fat switch.
  7. Z

    USB Input Level question.

    I am also curious about this, I receive my Axe III today, I like to use Axe III as my main interface I try to find the Usb Level setting but couldn't find it. I really hope to use other physical output knob control the the playback music like backing tracks on youtube, and output 1 to control...
  8. Z

    Another question for Cliff re: Mark V

    I think "+" equal mid gain turn on, you can turn on fat switch on axe fx equal pull fat on mark iv gain knob My question is Does USA lead brt equal pull bright "pull" on lead drive knob and pull shift "pull" on presence knob
  9. Z

    Another question for Cliff re: Mark V

    Sorry Maybe I coufused, So Mark iv mode on Mark v equal USA lead brt equal mark iv amp pull shift "pull"?
  10. Z

    The best high quality Petrucci IR? (OwnHammer)

    JP did not use md421 recently, He use Shure KSM313s blend sm57.
  11. Z

    Another question for Cliff re: Mark V

    According to axefx wiki The USA lead brt equal mark v channel 3 extreme mode How do I recreate the mark iv pull shift that is mark v channel 3 mark iv mode on fw13
  12. Z

    got everything Loaded , USA Lead 2 sounds well............

    Thanks for reply I mean which switch on authentic MK4 is mid gain switch? thanks
  13. Z

    got everything Loaded , USA Lead 2 sounds well............

    which knob is mid gain switch on th MK4?? my preset(USALead 1) had a lot less gain than before any tip on the master
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