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Recent content by VidarAus

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    Axe FX 2 --> Axe FX 3 Upgrader Person

    And the feel. It is so natural and authentic.
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    Fender Ultra Strats - HSS vs SSS for Axe FX III?

    Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy a bunch of different guitars that are all very similar, and even put similar or the same pickups in all of them. Happened slowly over a long time so didn’t really notice till I had a bunch of guitars that all did the same thing more or less. Sigh. Buy a...
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    Time to hand over the vest

    No matter how good you imagine the axe iii to be...it’s even better! Seriously. You will never look back. Welcome aboard.
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    How well do the Dumble amp models stack up against the real thing?

    The forum is getting a lot of posts asking about how accurate fractal gear is. Fair enough I suppose, but seems to be all coming at once! Consensus is it is the most accurate device around, and as that it is extremely accurate. I imagine differences in playing from person to person would...
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    Would an XLR with phantom power damage the input?

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/can-the-axe-fx-iii-tolerate-phantom-power.153696/ Not definitive, but that thread seems to infer the XLR output jacks are phantom power tolerant.
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    How accurate is Fractal DRIVE modeling?

    I would guess accurate enough that you would need the correct equipment and knowledge to try and quantify any meaningful difference. Sound and feel for all real world purposes? Am sure is spot on.
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    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Andy is such a pleasure. Very cool tips here as well. Although he could make a shoe box with rubber bands stretched over it sound amazing.
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    Sixty Second Sounds Ep 1

    Amazing work Simeon. Also, please start a career in audio-book narration.
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    STL Tones Axe-Fx Packs?

    I had the same experience with STL and Andy James preset. Sounds like garbage. Was very excited and wasn’t cheap either. Part of the problem is they don’t seem to update for changes in firmware. The Andy James being sold is based on quite old firmware (confirmed via email with them but can’t...
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    Tip: amp input EQ instead of guitar tone control

    The Input EQ is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in the box I think. With Mesa sims I seem to always turn up the low cut in the Input EQ to about 200hz to tame the low end flub in the most perfect of ways which I have been unable to replicate anywhere else in the signal chain. It is...
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    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Me too. Would love to see this added. I don’t care how many different settings there are in this unit. The more the better. And a bass tightener algorithm would be super super useful.
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    Ideas for super clean chimey tones?

    Try the clean scene from cooper carter’s Petrucci 2020 preset. Plenty chimy to my ears.
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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Didn’t know that. Cool. Guess he could still mess with pedals in front of the AXE, or even just mess with everything in the AXE at sound check.
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