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Recent content by VidarAus

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    Tip: amp input EQ instead of guitar tone control

    The Input EQ is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in the box I think. With Mesa sims I seem to always turn up the low cut in the Input EQ to about 200hz to tame the low end flub in the most perfect of ways which I have been unable to replicate anywhere else in the signal chain. It is...
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    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Me too. Would love to see this added. I don’t care how many different settings there are in this unit. The more the better. And a bass tightener algorithm would be super super useful.
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    Ideas for super clean chimey tones?

    Try the clean scene from cooper carter’s Petrucci 2020 preset. Plenty chimy to my ears.
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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Didn’t know that. Cool. Guess he could still mess with pedals in front of the AXE, or even just mess with everything in the AXE at sound check.
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    Cable cooking - people believe this bs?

    https://www.thecablecooker.com/how-does-the-cable-cooker-work/ I mean come on. Breaking in a cable? Or a power cord? A power cord!!!!! And the device costs $1000. People terrify me.
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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    That said, there are numerous credible sources on this forum stating the AXE III models of the JP2C are spot on. This includes Cooper Carter who sets up JP’s AXE rig for him, and Cliff himself who has previously said JP has given the models his stamp of approval. Without his Mesa endorsement I...
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    Change your damn guitar strings...

    I used to change more regularly but have gotten too busy and lazy. But man what a huge difference.
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    Change your damn guitar strings...

    Me: what's going on with my AXE III? It doesn't sound or feel right. <changes guitar strings> Me: Well shit. Now it slays again. slaps forehead
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Now I have had some more time to mess with this preset (and continue to love it more and more!) I have a few questions I was hoping you might consider fielding: 1) I understand you set up Petrucci's AXE rig. How much of what is contained in this preset is copy/pasted from JP's actual preset...
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    The low end is enormous. Is this how Petrucci runs things live or in the studio or do they low cut at the desk or something? If you like the amp but the low end is a little out of control, other than the usual low cut in the cab block (maybe 80-100hz, 24db/o) I have found thanks to @2112 the...
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    Changed Output Block to Out 3 and now all my preset levels have to be fixed

    Why is Ouput 3 preferred to Output 1 in this scenario? What are you trying to achieve?
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Thanks rickster71, I totally agree. Cliff has created a thing of beauty with this model!
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    This is not just another Petrucci preset - this is (finally) to my ears and fingers the benchmark. With my BFR it is the tone. I have had an Axe-Fx product through the generations since the Ultra days and a lot of my tweaking has centered on Petrucci type tones. And I have never had anything...
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    80s Synthwave/Retrowave track

    Again, so much talent stuffed into one person. I love this era and love this piece. Please make more! Brilliant Rocco.
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    20 Movies Mashed

    This put a big smile on my face! Great work mate. How did you go about pulling this all together and recording it? Any info on the patch you used?
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