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Recent content by Vhalen50

  1. Vhalen50

    FM9 Arrives today!! Need board recommendations

    20.2” W. × 3.5” H. × 9.3” D. 51.3cm W. × 8.9cm H. × 23.7cm D.
  2. Vhalen50

    FM9 Arrives today!! Need board recommendations

    youll need something larger than a standard "medium" board. Pedaltrain JR Max or Temple Duo 34 are good options. If you mount the boss wireless below next to the power, you could fit the fm9 and expression on a pedaltrain classic 2, which is a great sized board and honestly my plan.
  3. Vhalen50

    M1 Pro

    Ordered a 14" pro myself to replace my 2012 iMac. Ive waited a long time to replace this machine. I bought one of the 2016" retina macbooks and ended up returning it back in the day because of the paltry 128gb hard drive or something it came with and never got anything else. My daily job is WFH...
  4. Vhalen50

    Wish Naming Channels

    +1 but id also add in channel colors to differentiate them even more.
  5. Vhalen50

    Smallest PSU with courtesy out?

    Truthfully depending on how many pedals you need, you may benefit from a patch panel and use a powercon in with a Y split of 2 edison plugs and then you can plug the board directly into power and a smaller PSU for whatever else. The PP2+ is a great unit, but adds some weight and the courtesy...
  6. Vhalen50

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    I used a original Axe FX2 from 2012 up through every single revision that happened and even up to the FM3 coming out. Never really felt outdated. Would i have liked to have FAS link or the Ethercon after breaking my internet jack like 3 times? Sure.
  7. Vhalen50

    Anyone switched from Kemper to Axe-Fx III?

    I used a AF2 until i got an ax8 and used that for years on the road. Then i got a helix, didnt like it. then i got a kemper stage..too big. Got a kemper rack. Used it for a year or so, just never bonded with the way they approach finding tones. Went back to my ax8, then got a fm3...now...
  8. Vhalen50

    FM9 Case?

    yeah i think its the same just elevated a slight bit higher and the front is open instead of that passthrough they used to do.
  9. Vhalen50

    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    prob markIV C++2
  10. Vhalen50

    FM9 Case?

    If it’s the same size as an FC12. A classic 2 would leave room for an expression pedal.
  11. Vhalen50

    Mayer used an Axe-FX 3 for his new album

    Far as i know Lettieri uses kempers for fly dates and home stuff but still prefers an amp on stage.
  12. Vhalen50

    How many of you are running stereo to FOH?

    stereo here. Always have. In the very very odd chance we have to run and go up on stage, i ask for one send and turn off my enhancer block and set the unit to copyl-r but it gets a little off. 9/10 shows we do we provide a splitter snake from our rack. One of the quickest way to hate IEM's is...
  13. Vhalen50

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    I'm a big believer of whatever makes you happy, go with that. Just don't preach to others saying it will bring them happiness cause everyone is different and has different values and beliefs.
  14. Vhalen50

    Wish Color change option for FC hold

    +1 if anything id settle for led ring choice for channels. I miss the clear indicator of X/Y on my ax8
  15. Vhalen50

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    That was one of my gripes with the helix floor when i got one. The screens were great when i was programming it but the first show was in direct sun, so i couldnt see the screens at all let alone i couldnt read them anyways. I find the FC scribbles have the same issue, i cant read them and more...
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