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  1. VegasGuitar

    My God! New beta test

    You cannot smell what the Cliff is cooking!!
  2. VegasGuitar

    Fortin Omega presets

    Axe-FX III preset format is not the same as FM3, or FM9. Different parameters.....
  3. VegasGuitar

    AxeEdit disconnection since 20.04

    Try changing your ready-to-play sequencing and see if it makes a difference. 1. Wake the computer, AXE-Edit will now be ready for USB communications. 2. Power on the Axe. When I had my problem with the hub I contacted Apple Support. They indicated that sleeping a Mac shuts down ALL USB...
  4. VegasGuitar

    AxeEdit disconnection since 20.04

    I had a simillar problem and it was found to be the USB hub I had things connected through. Move the Axe-Fx to the first hub port stopped the "disconnects." BUT, this was well before FW 20 was released.
  5. VegasGuitar

    David Lee Roth Shares Previously Unheard Version Of Van Halen's 'Panama'

    Al Estrada posted (9-1-22) a link to this video on another forum saying,"Recorded this a few months ago, had no idea it was going to be released until a couple of hours ago haha, all 1 take, solo and all on the same track.......Marshall '69 Superbass converted to EVH SuperLead specs by Friedman...
  6. VegasGuitar

    Global EQ

    And if that sounds good to you and the others in the band then it is good. As Mr. Chase says, dial in tones with your ears, not your eyes.
  7. VegasGuitar

    Fulltone closing down after 30 years

    I hooked up with Mike many years back while I was in Colorado about his early pedals, and some Marshall amp mods. Always a helpful guy, willing to help with info and ideas, and a killer guitar player. Was looking for him to retire a few years ago, but he kept on making new and better things...
  8. VegasGuitar

    The 300th amp model?!

    Suhr BELLA for the win!!
  9. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    It will not load on 20.3
  10. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    @fremen, is this in the new beta FW?
  11. VegasGuitar

    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight model

    @AlbertA - You did an amazing job on the Halo pedal, how about throwinng your genius at the Sunlight? I think it would be a great compliment to the Halo.
  12. VegasGuitar

    Modern high-gain tones: amp block input drive + drive block vs. only one and not the other?

    Use another AMP with the Power section disabled as the drive. Can't much more gain.
  13. VegasGuitar

    Voodoo Modded JMP-1

    Take a Plexi 100 and put a Plexi 50 in front of it as added gain stages, but in the 50w turn OFF the power amp portion. Play as you will with levels/EQ, etc. Play with tubes, bias, etc. You too can be Jose! And with the Axe, never worry about the mystical, musical blue smoke!
  14. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo

    Burgs, I could listen to you all day, go for it if it suits you!
  15. VegasGuitar

    What do you think about this sound?

    Masterfully done sir.
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