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Recent content by trancegodz

  1. trancegodz

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    That was wonderful! Yes is one of my all time favorite bands. Great cover! What fun!
  2. trancegodz

    Paid presets ... pfff

    The first Axe FX presets for sale that I ever saw were from Austin Buddy. I don't know if he was the first to do it, but he was the first person I ever saw sell Axe FX presets. That opened the door to anyone else who might want to sell presets. The same goes for IRs. I remember when there were...
  3. trancegodz

    Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter!

    I was surprised that I could definitely hear differences in the sound of the three units, using the same presets. I was not expecting that. I expected them to all sound exactly the same when using the same presets. They all sounded good, but not the same.
  4. trancegodz


    That's a good documentary.
  5. trancegodz

    Can someone help explain this to me? Losing my mind again here.

    It's the difference between your guitar / pickups and his. I have to dial in presets for the specific guitar I'll be using. If I use a different guitar than the one I dialed the preset in with it will not sound the same. Sometimes a little off, sometimes way off.
  6. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    If someone buys a new Axe FXIII Mark II after the official version of Firmware 17 is released, will the Axe FXIII Mark II come loaded with 64 FullRes IRs, or will the buyer have to find them elsewhere?
  7. trancegodz

    Troubleshooting and Recommendations for Power Amp in a band setting

    Try setting your Axe FXIII output level to +4, and turn the output 1 knob up as loud as you need it, all the way up if you need to. Your Behringer A800 claims to be putting out 120 watts per side into 16 ohm cabs which is what your EVH 2x12 cabs are. Turned all the way up it seems like it...
  8. trancegodz

    Troubleshooting and Recommendations for Power Amp in a band setting

    I haven't tried one myself, but a lot of people seem to like the Matrix power amps. Take a look at the specs on this one. https://usa.matrixamplification.com/rack-amplifers/gt-1600-fx.html Watts per channel @ 4 ohm 800w RMS Watts per channel @ 8 ohm 480w RMS Watts per channel @ 16 ohm...
  9. trancegodz

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    Here is what Roger Mayer has to say about the Octavia. https://www.roger-mayer.co.uk/octavia.htm
  10. trancegodz

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    I have an Octavia I bought directly from Roger Mayer many years ago and the Octave Fuzz set to Drive 7, tone 5, level 6, in the Axe FXIII sounds exactly like it. I directly compared them when I dialed in the Octave Fuzz on the Axe FXIII. Use the neck pickup when using the Octavia. Use a...
  11. trancegodz


    If I am following all of this correctly: This will currently only be available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. On the Axe FXIII Mark II "The new FullRes User IR bank supports up to 64 FullRes IRs." If we want them on the Axe FXIII Mark 1 (and it's possible) we'll have to give up a whole user bank...
  12. trancegodz


    Would it be possible to make this an option for the user, so they can give up 1024 User IR slots for 32 Full Res user slots only if they choose to, or keep them if they choose to? Having 2048 user IR slots was one of the selling points that made me buy the Axe FXIII is the first place. I then...
  13. trancegodz


    Good point. Think how it would negatively affect Austin Buddy and others who sell preset packs using factory cabs.
  14. trancegodz


    That sounds like a good option if it's possible.
  15. trancegodz


    Me too. I've tried them all and there are a whole lot of the stock cabs I will never use. It would be great for the user to have the choice of turning stock cabs they don't use into user cab slots. Regardless of what happens with the FullRes cabs.
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