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Recent content by Tahoebrian5

  1. Tahoebrian5

    Do I Need A Sub?

    A set of 7” monitors are much more realistic as far as feeling like you are playing thru an amp.
  2. Tahoebrian5

    FS Friedman Noho

    Great condition Noho for sale, looking to net $2400. Comes with case, certificate, etc, all the goods. Plays great zero problems. Main reason I’m selling is the Cali model fits me better so looking to buy a second
  3. Tahoebrian5

    First show with the FM3

    I believe if you have a lot of blocks changing channel at the same time when switching scenes this will add to the delay. You should be able to reduce it with some experimentation.
  4. Tahoebrian5

    My PC is all jacked up.

    Maybe try the USB port with something else to see if it is working.. flash drive, etc
  5. Tahoebrian5

    My PC is all jacked up.

    Easiest way to fix it is buy a Mac. j/k , sorry couldn’t help it! I actually hate macs but that was the perfect comment. so you are only having trouble with Axeedit?
  6. Tahoebrian5

    Apreciation for the Cab Preamp and the Axe.

    I just bought a pair of Neve 542 and am running stereo out of the Axe3 into these babies.. they are stunning! I plan to do some comparison audio and I’ll post it up soon. But in general it seems like they widen the sound stage and add a depth. Not in a subtle way either.. these things are gold...
  7. Tahoebrian5

    Ok, ready to make the jump back to Gibson’s

    The pickups are the best part. I went thru a bunch of bkp pups and the Friedman classic plus kills. The triple D is pretty close to the same, a touch hotter and darker. My Noho has the Ds and sounds pretty close to the Cali. I have a classic plus I’m going to put in my Suhr Midern too, that’s...
  8. Tahoebrian5

    Ok, ready to make the jump back to Gibson’s

    They are amazing. I’ve been through PRS and Suhr, J Custom. Friedman’s are my fav hands down. Tone for days and just general vibe. I’ve got a Cali, Noho, and Vintage T. Need to try the Metro next
  9. Tahoebrian5

    Ok, ready to make the jump back to Gibson’s

    My actual Gibson is my least favorite guitar. Friedman guitars are my jam now but I’ve not checked out tge single cut
  10. Tahoebrian5

    Music Theory Online Degree

    Check out this guys videos in the mean time
  11. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Stereo tape saturation version of drive block, or stand alone, for end of chain placement

    Here is a pretty good example of what a good tape distortion can add to guitar track. I am currently looking for a 500 series unit of the RND 542 to play with. Would be great to have a convincing fractal block though!
  12. Tahoebrian5

    The 300th amp model?!

    Crate practice amp 😆
  13. Tahoebrian5

    Still trying for that Frank Zappa “Black Napkins” tone

    i Ended up ordering a triskelion pedal to play around with. Definitely a unique sound and very fun
  14. Tahoebrian5

    Anyone else try one of these with your AxeIII?

    I’ve tried running my guitar signal post Axe3 through a bunch of high end studio gear, primarily just to see if there were any magic combos. All of them were fairly subtle. The best was a API style mic pre for a bit of overdrive. That and the SSL style bus compressor Adds a bit of fairy dust but...
  15. Tahoebrian5

    Waitlist Email

    Any idea where the wait list is at? I sent a request on Aug 27th.
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