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Recent content by Tahoebrian5

  1. Tahoebrian5

    Marty, that was very interesting music.

    I feel like I just ran around the block just from watching that
  2. Tahoebrian5

    Xyloxyla. Xylophone inspired clip.

    Very nice!
  3. Tahoebrian5

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    All that money spent on guitar gear, and you are still playing in your kitchen!
  4. Tahoebrian5

    Wish New block type - for text notes

    It has been asked for before to add a text field to presets. Maybe it’s awkward or would increase preset size. Another idea, just have a new block type you can throw in the grid. Doesn’t do anything sound wise but would contain notes relevant to the preset. I can never remember which preset...
  5. Tahoebrian5

    Recommendations for a kids guitar?

    I think I decided on a pink Daisy Rock. I can’t wait to show up to band practice with it and see if anyone notices.
  6. Tahoebrian5

    Recommendations for a kids guitar?

    Are the daisy rock guitars okay as far as playability and holding a tune?
  7. Tahoebrian5

    Recommendations for a kids guitar?

    I’m looking to get my 5 year old daughter a decently playable electric guitar. Anyone have a suggestion?
  8. Tahoebrian5

    So who is getting an 8 string Majesty!!?

    That didn’t suck
  9. Tahoebrian5

    FS Bare knuckle pickups (low prices)

    The Cold Sweat set is still available and the bridge pup is F spaced
  10. Tahoebrian5

    FS Bare knuckle pickups (low prices)

    Yes they are black with silver poles. I shoot you pics shortly
  11. Tahoebrian5

    FS Bare knuckle pickups (low prices)

    Calling me out for my laziness! Ok I’ll upload some more pics.
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