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Musica & Chitarre


  1. AxeFx II XL
  2. Gibson Les Paul Custom H / H-80 Anni
  3. Suhr S4 PRO S / S / H
  4. Stratocaster-57 S / S / S
  5. Eko + Mia D CW EQ
  6. Mission SP1
  7. Roland EV-5
  8. Evento Monitor 20 / 20bas
  9. Mixer Yamaha 03D
  10. DAW PC / Nuendo / Pulsar Scope
  11. Scheda Audio Pulsar ADAT
  12. MIDI Mixer A-880Roland
  13. Sound-Canvas Roland
  14. Korg Trinity Più
  1. Rack TriAxis 1serie
  2. Rack TC 2290 Vintage
  3. Rack Rocktron 300G
  4. Rocktron ProQ
  5. Rocktron Intellifex
  6. Finale Mesa 20/20
  7. Marshall 1922 x 2 L / R
  1. Boss CS-2 in Giappone
  2. Boss CE-2 in Giappone
  3. Boss EQ. GE-7
  4. TS10 Ibanez Japan
  5. Viso Proco RAT Bianco
  6. MXR Dyna Comp
  7. MXR EVH Phase90 Red
  8. MXR Flanger EVH Bianco
  9. TC Chorus & Flanger Vintage 80
  10. Capo Clone BYOC di Ram
  11. Washburn SCX: 7 Coro ST.
  12. Cry baby GCB-95
Appassionato Pedali Vintage: p
Pedali Appassionati d'epoca

I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible

“Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life” – Confucius.
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