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Recent content by socalguitar

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    Gamers - are you looking forward to PS5/Xbox x?

    I got the ps4 pro last year, so I kinda want to see how much better this thing is. Plus, the games they're making now might not take advantage of the new processing power. I dont really know if thats a thing but makes sense to me. But, with that being said, I still might pull the trigger on...
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    Dunlop picks...

    Switched from Tortex to Ultex 5 years ago. They seem to last longer and they seem to have a smoother edge to them.
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    Guitar store riffs

    I have to admit I do practice before going to a guitar shop. If I go in cold, I get lost and can't remember anything I've ever learned on guitar. Its like going to a record store, as soon as I walk in I forget every band I've ever heard. I dont understand the Stairway hate, its a good...
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    If a guy's standing there, facing you...

    I'm certainly not going to let some guy who watched a YouTube video tell me the validatity of wearing a mask. I trust the Fauci.
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    My entry for the Kiesel Solo Contest 2020

    Sounds great my man. Good luck!
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    Winter NAMM 2021

    Maybe the so called Herd immunity will kick in by then or a vaccine. Kinda too early to tell
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    What would you do if your brand new custom shop had a teeny, tiny, little scratch

    Unless your going to sell it. Keep the blemish. I never want a guitar that I don't want to take out of the case. I've done this myself. I sold a beautiful classical guitar because it was too nice. I played my cheap one all the time. Later in life, i bought another expensive classical and...
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    Reverb.com can be good for a laugh at times

    25% price drop!!!! Let's go!!!
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    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    I've had a few guitars that just never felt right. I got rid of them. If im not inspired or a guitar doesn't scratch that itch, than whats the use. Just collects dust.
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    Guitar & Vocal training

    I know it comes naturally to some people. I think I'm somewhere in between. If its a busy guitar line I literally take it one bar at a time. This can take hours, days or even weeks but after I get thur a few bars I get into the flow. Obviously you have to know the guitar part and the vocal...
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    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    I have a Taylor GA-k. It was almost twice what I wanted to pay but soon as I picked it up I knew it was coming home with me. I played a bunch of acoustics at the time and i noticed that the CE's and the ones with the electronics changed the tone of the guitar, so for me, I don't like any of that...
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    Strandberg TT Strings

    What the... I'm intrigued but very confused.
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    Who are your biggest musical influences?

    In order. Ace frehley Jimmy Page Randy Rhodes Jim Coche Kerry King / Jeff Hanneman I'd say that was my top 5 early influences. Even though I don't play or sound anything like those guys, they are in there somewhere.
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    Looking for the thread that talked about supplements for fingers, hands, joints

    Yeah I'm 51 and I'm noticing stiffness and joint pain. I play video games too, which doesn't help. But I just use Ibuprofen and heat to get rid of the inflammation and go easy for a few days. My problem is this cant be good for the long haul.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    Yeah, maybe, but to me you cant compare EVH to Kirk. Eddie's tone and phrasing are just too good. I think that's where I loose it with Kirt. Even old guys like Billy Gibbons or Iommi, they still have great tone and phrasing. They don't make that great of album's anymore but I still think...
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