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Recent content by Sine

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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    Thanks man! :)
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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    Sorry, FX3 MkII. I am located in Croatia, EU. FC12 is sold but FX3 is still available.
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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    Separately: 2350 eur FXII MkII 650 eur FC12 shipping included, EU only
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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    Not for now, sorry!
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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    3000 eur, all like new, under warranty from G66, first owner, all boxes, invoices... EU only
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    from Friedman BE100 Deluxe to Axe FX III?

    Yes, me, from Friedman BE100 DLX to Fractal FX3 + Bogner Ecstasy amp :D
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    What studio monitors are you using

    Adam A5X
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    4 cable method for recording.....o boy...

    Same thing on JP2C
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    Fractal 4cm Club

    Yes V30/Green
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    Fractal 4cm Club

    I use real cabs (Suhr 2x12 and Friedman 4x12) and cab sims for home use.
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    Fractal 4cm Club

    4CM here with Mesa JP2C and Suhr Hedgehog. Both MIDI controlled amps so perfect match. :)
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    Sound for music man jp 15

    Mesa JP2C
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    FM3 in 4CM with a FC-12

    Yes, just like this, working perfect, on top of amp. I made few short cables.
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