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Recent content by sadicus

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    help - Reproduce Signal Chain Effects in DAW?

    Axe FX II XL Looking for help on reproducing the signal Effects chain in Cbb DAW. Currently Not understanding the Stacked left to right signal flow in Axe-Edit and looking into it. I don't remember the default effect name but the effect layers a synth sound over certain frequencies.
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    Bug? Clicks

    "Try removing one block and see if it goes away. Disabling blocks doesn't affect CPU load... " ..."excessive CPU." good to know, "node" = "Block" I thought the image would help make that obvious. Thank you!
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    Bug? Clicks

    Hi, one of the acoustic patches (I think the original name was "Badger") Patch is causing clicks and pops. turned off all the nodes and it still happens. besides cables, I/O, What are some things to check? the CPU is 90% but there is no clipping. Other patches that use CPU 90% don't make this...
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    [ SOLVED ] Hz Conversion Wav2Syx

    "sampling rate conversion" thanks that's what i meant to ask. I figured Axe-Manage Cabs would do the 96 to 48Hz conversion. Cheers!
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    [ SOLVED ] Hz Conversion Wav2Syx

    Axe FX II XL + Axe Edit + CabLab Lite 1) Does Axe Edit Auto convert WAV to SYX or is Cab Lab Lite needed for the conversion? 2) The IR Hz range from 44.1 - 96. When making SYX, Is it best to use 48 or use the 96Hz?
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    hi, using the "Godin Nylon TM" and it sounds great on Godin MultiACS SA do you know of any other...

    hi, using the "Godin Nylon TM" and it sounds great on Godin MultiACS SA do you know of any other Classical Guitar Body IR or sys? (like Tommy and Fremen's GTR Body) thanks for te great preset!
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    ToneMatch a WAV file?

    Thanks for the link! It worked great. I'd also like to use AxeEdit to do this + learn how to blend a cab and TM. ...everything works except step #6 "User" tab following this tutorial: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/tone-matching-and-axe-edit.51264/ "6, Switch on the "User" tab in the Tone...
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    ToneMatch a WAV file?

    Looking for the best way to match a pre-recorded WAV file. I have a WAV file of a guitar sound I'd like to match, using a preset and working with EQ is not getting the desired result. Is Tone matching the way to do this?
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    SPDIF ReAmp Tutorial - Sonar X2, Presonus, AXE FX II

    wikified and 2016 updated. Thank for the great Illustrated tutorial. I tried this several times, with same (bad) results. Everything is "kinda" working. Input Signal Volume is a big issue, and on reamp the recorded audio is too low and that's why the playback is there, but is very low and...
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    Great, Thanks!
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    I'm looking at purchasing some Ownhammer IR's but they are only WAV files. CAB Packs have Ownhammer IR's, so I'm not sure which one to get. Does Axe Edit import the IR (WAV)?
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    Mr. Crowley form last nights gig

    That's a great live mix. Are you playing at a lower volume? most clubs urn up, instead of proper mixing. I agree, if you played old Sabbath that would be epic.
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    Match a VST effect: Harmonic Synthesizer

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    Smooth high gain distortion vs grainy

    ..i'm still testing all the presets! This is a great thread, and I discovered yet another awesome sounding band. Lanfear - The Reverend, the level and mix sounds great!
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    Instant Feedback Preset Example

    Very cool and useful, Thanks!
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