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Recent content by RossG

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    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us, Simeon! Downloaded and donated.
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    The 10 Best Clean Presets

    I noticed the same when I tried them, and then looking into the guitar he is using (EBMM Valentine) I realized that despite what it looks like, the bridge pickup in that guitar is a single coil, not a humbucker. You could try dialing back the input trim to 0.5, that helps clean things up.
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    Fractal-Bot version for Catalina?

    Here is the source of my question, I'm running 3.0.2, and the system report lists it as 32 bit.
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    Fractal-Bot version for Catalina?

    Thanks for the response, Matt. I am using the latest version, but the system report shows Fractal-Bot as 32 bit for some reason. I’ll try to get a screenshot tomorrow and post it.
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    Fractal-Bot version for Catalina?

    In looking through my "Legacy Software" while considering the impacts of upgrading to Catalina, I noticed that several pieces of Fractal Software, most notably Fractal-Bot are listed. Given that this is essential for loading firmware to and pulling backups from the Axe-FX III, is the software...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: USA Pre (MESA/Boogie TriAxis)

    Thanks for the video, Leon, there are some great tones in there. How would you best translate those settings into the Axe3, and which cabs would you use with each of the modes? I'm thinking ultra clean, crunch rhythm, and soaring lead like you had with the multi-delay applied.
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    Atmospheric Guitars #1 - Axe-Fx III

    That is very nice. Good tones and well played.
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    [SOLVED] Anyone in LA with a III that could assist?

    Yes, her band (also named MEYTAL) is playing a show tonight at the Whisky, and the guitarist had an issue with his III following a flight. All has been taken care of, though. If you haven't checked out their recent album, The Witness, it is killer. Here is a video for one of the tracks...
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    [SOLVED] Anyone in LA with a III that could assist?

    Thanks, it isn't my gig, I just saw the ask from the band and was trying to help get the word out to see if they could find someone to assist.
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    [SOLVED] Anyone in LA with a III that could assist?

    Everyone, the band MEYTAL has a gig tomorrow night at the Whisky in LA and Delta smashed the guitarist's Axe-FX III. Is there anyone in LA that could help lend a III? If so, check out the post in Facebook seeking some help, I shared it in the Fractal Audio Users Group forum...
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    Detailed Amp Sim Walkthrough Video #2: Bogner Shiva!

    That clean is absolutely gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the preset? I can build out most of it based on the video, but I'm not sure if some of the channels change settings for things like the reverb, delay, etc. I know the cabs are user ones, but I can switch that around pretty easily or...
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    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v2.0 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

    I would agree, it has been a great class for the portions I've gotten through thus far.
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    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Thanks a bunch, Cliff! I know there will be some that may complain, but those who value the legacy modeling don't have to upgrade to 6.0. You've given everyone a choice, and I deeply appreciate your work and giving those of us mark I/II owners the option.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Public Beta

    From a Mark I owner, thanks so much for including us, Cliff! I hope your head feels better soon.
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    EVH fans, check this out! (5153 amp & new OH 412 EDVH pre-rola greenbacks)

    You certainly achieved your goal. It was reminiscent of DLR's "Eat 'Em and Smile." Fantastic writing and playing!
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