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Recent content by PBGas

  1. PBGas

    What are your favorite FM3 Accessories?

    I love the GearbyCeba magnetic covers on my FM3! They are great!
  2. PBGas

    Lay Your Hands On Me!

    Fantastic Job Mark & Co.! Thx for sharing and hope you are keeping well!
  3. PBGas

    Considering an Axe, have a few questions.

    I'm going to be honest, being someone who has always used amps all his playing days, this is the first modeller that has made me give up wanting to have an amp anymore. I've had my III for several years now and it has been reliable, amazing sounding and easy to use. I sold off my last 2 amps...
  4. PBGas

    Axe-Fx 3 Rack Case Suggestions

    I have an SKB short roto rack 4U. Outstanding case and easy to carry and use. I modified mine with some larger bottom feet. I run a patch panel in the open 1U and have a smaller Furman power supply mounted at the bottom of the case. It is the most perfect setup for me. I run a couple of...
  5. PBGas

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I've had mine updated! I recently sold 3 of my Fender CS guitars to a collector and the other went to a trade for a new guitar. I also sold my Henrik Charvel. I'm now at 3 with one on order. I ended up with 4 brand new guitars...well 3 for now as the other is on order: 1- PRS Custom 24...
  6. PBGas

    Laney 112 FRFR arrives tomorrow

    Interested in hearing how it sounds! Please report when you can!
  7. PBGas

    FM3 - running through ?

    I have mine running through a couple of Friedman ASC-10s. They are tilted up at me and sound amazing!
  8. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Power Cycles and Blinks & Power-cycles when FC-12 Connected (Resolved)

    I had this problem about 2 years ago. I believe in my case it was a combination of either my XLR cable or the neutrik jack on my pedalboard that I had it plugged into that was shorting out and causing the issue. I changed the cable and the jack and have never had this happen again. However...
  9. PBGas

    Thinking of upgrading FM3

    I have both. I would mainly use the Axe III for gigs and the FM3 for rehearsals and as a backup at gigs. In reality, the FM3 does everything I need and very well. At this time though, there are no gigs or rehearsals so, I use and enjoy them both at home.
  10. PBGas

    Is the FM3 reliable to you ?

    No gigs or rehearsals for the last while so no idea. I turn it on, it works and sounds great every day. Hopefully we can start to rehearse again soon. If it fails at a gig, I have a great backup so all good.
  11. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Have the Fractal models changed a lot with Cygnus? I have not updated yet from the last FW15 as I have to finish a contract and don't want to mess with things until it is done. I keep reading that they have changed in tone and it doesn't sound as good. Honestly, I find this hard to...
  12. PBGas

    Charvel Guthrie Govan vs DK-24

    Actually at one point I had both of them. The maple top was not as soft for obvious reason but again, it is a very thin coat of nitro on it. It scratched just as easily as the basswood. The roasted ash was a really nice guitar as well. Again though, a very thin coating. It was rather easy...
  13. PBGas

    Need your opinion: Austin Buddy vs Cooper Carter?

    He gets very deep into it. I mean the course syllabus is 21 chapters with multiple files in each chapter to view. Lots of setups, situations and settings as well as some great tricks.
  14. PBGas

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I sold all of my Fender Custom shops and my masterbuilt tele to a collector last week who contacted me about them. I have dealt with him for a long time now as I brokered a bunch of the higher end guitars that he has collected. At this point I only have 4 now and am really happy: 2021 PRS...
  15. PBGas

    Charvel Guthrie Govan vs DK-24

    I've had the Charvel Govan. The neck and fretwork are absolutely stunning. Really a great playing and sounding guitar. I liked the pickups. They had a nice middy in your face tone. You look at it the wrong way and the body scratches and dents like no other. It is very, very soft. Upper...
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