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Recent content by nojyeloot

  1. nojyeloot

    Anyone else stalk the UPS driver??

    Live action
  2. nojyeloot

    SOLD AxeFX III MkII-Mint-DFW Price Drop

    100% reputable seller. I've bought from him several times.
  3. nojyeloot

    Audio Dropout Between Scenes (Possible Bug?)

    Found it: It's the compressor. So is this user error since I'm using different comp types on certain scenes or no?
  4. nojyeloot

    Audio Dropout Between Scenes (Possible Bug?)

    Not sure what the problem here is, maybe one of you guy could please help me out? I'm noticing an audio dropout or level compressing when I switch from, for example, scene 6 to scene 5 while playing. Takes about 5 seconds to "normalize". Seems that scenes 3 & 5 look to be the culprit, but I...
  5. nojyeloot

    Strat trem guys: full float or dive-only?

    Like I said, I recommend Carl Verheyen's method.
  6. nojyeloot

    Strat trem guys: full float or dive-only?

    I'd recommend Carl Verheyen's method:
  7. nojyeloot

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    "The Manage Presets and Manage Cabs dialogs have been combined into one tabbed dialog. The existing shortcuts and top-level Tools menu items will launch the Manage dialog with the respective tab selected. The Axe-Fx III mark II will show an additional tab for the FullRes bank when running...
  8. nojyeloot

    New Hope Deferred Single (Ex-The Famine & Ex-Embodyment members)

    My band did a cover of an old Living Sacrifice tune off of 1994's Inhabit. Used the AxeFX III for all DIs (scratch tracks) & for the solos. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea on this forum, and that's ok by me, but if you like old school death metal with a sweet production, go no further...
  9. nojyeloot

    Help Getting (Strymon) Mobius Destroyer Sound

    Awesome. Lemme try real quick. TY for the advice 1:51 please.
  10. nojyeloot

    Help Getting (Strymon) Mobius Destroyer Sound

    There's a specific sound I was looking to emulate in the video below. Could someone out there (who's smarter than me) help me get this Destroyer effect sound please? Sound like a stretched tape. Strymon Mobius - Destroyer
  11. nojyeloot

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Nice! I like that color too!
  12. nojyeloot

    Stereo love

    There's nothing like it
  13. nojyeloot

    Migrating from AxeFX II & MFC to AxeFX III & FC12

    I made that trek last september. It was amazing. Best advice I can give: Watch these Rosh Roslin AxeFX III tutorials asap. They're gold:
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