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Recent content by NBC455

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    FS 2 EV-1's Black and Silver $125/ea

    Ready to go to new buyer.
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    FS 2 EV-1's Black and Silver $125/ea

    EV-1's in excellent shape. Both have velcro that I attached for my studio board. Never left the studio. Have boxes as well. Save on Taxes and Shipping will be based on actual charges depending on where you live in Continental US only.
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    SOLD FC-12

    Just PM'd you.
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    FS For Sale: AXE-FX III

    Can you PM me? For some reason I'm getting an error when trying to PM you.
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    AX8 with Mission Engineering Gemini 2 Studio Edition

    Will post a video shortly. Playing again tomorrow night and we should have some good video.
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    AX8 with Mission Engineering Gemini 2 Studio Edition

    I can't seem to get a decent sound through this setup that doesn't sound Casio like.. I've been gigging with this setup for a few months now and I'm not getting good feedback.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was using a Splawn QR and it doesn't seem to come close to that sound I was...
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    BTW, where are you located?

    BTW, where are you located?
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    X-Mann + AX8 + (2) Friedman ASM-12's = \m/

    Hey X-Mann, question on your ASM-12's. Have you listened to the Matrix FR212's? I'm either looking at the ASM-12 or those FR212's. I already have a GT1000FX to power the FR's. I live in southern Cali, however it's still a long drive up to Tone Merchants for the ASM-12 and Matrix in Oxnard...
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    AX8 Waitlist up

    Dang, didn't get in there until 7:27 ET.
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    Marketing guy must be on Vacation as well, otherwise the list would already be open, especially to attract new buyers out there who don't even know about this forum. They look online for the AX8 and there's nothing to see. You go look for the Helix and you can pre-order them at many places...
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    Is there any real reasoning for not starting a "Wait List"? I would think it would've started day 1 of mentioning a product just to get a slight idea for the demand... Late on the East Coast so another day goes bye bye...
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    Come on Cliff, you can't be compared to the DMV, let's get that list rolling.........
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    AX-8 Price

    Well, let's just say I believe in your product and company and am willing to take the "Leap of Faith". I think that waiting for a person to get an email, then wait for a few days or week to decide whether they want one or not is a complete waste of everyone's time, especially FAS as they are in...
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    AX-8 Price

    Buyers will definitely have to understand, pay now and you'll receive it when it's ready... However, you don't have to wait for an email since it's already paid for... I and many will promptly pay now and expect it when they said it's been shipped. We've all heard that hopefully by end of...
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