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Recent content by mikeyg

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    Old School Classic Rock - Beatles , Hendrix , Zeppelin , Cream , AC/DC

    My very simple formula for more classic tones? Gain down, volume up enough to make it punchy and dynamic.
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    Whitesnake Bad Boys Tone

    That preset is very unique. Very good string definition. I've gotta pull it apart to see what you were doing in there.
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    FS Atomic CLR Neo MkII

    I’m in Raleigh I’d take one if still available
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    My first FM9 videos (presets included)

    That lead tone in the first video is amazing
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    Control Switch for Amp Level

    I use the input boost for a similar effect, but it adds some real punch
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    Maiden live performance with FM9s

    sorry didn't catch the date... heading to youtube..
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    Maiden live performance with FM9s

    I just clicked the link looks like it's going to replay in a few minutes?
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    Setting the Master Volume

    I think I recall reading that the JCM800 is particularly sensitive, it shouldn't be set too high or mush results
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    Waitlist Email

    Any of you Weds orders get your shipping notice yet? I haven’t I suspect they were closed yesterday
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    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist: August 27, 07:25 PM Eastern Invitation received: 11/10/21 1:55 Eastern Order placed
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    Waitlist Email

    Got any other data to factor in? I need semiconductor supply in NE USA. I need time space continuum disruptions since 12:00 Eastern in the last 24 hours I need to know how many butterflies have sneezed in the last 24 hours and the chain of events that led to CliffC to slip on an abandoned...
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    Waitlist Email

    You guys that aren’t updating the spreadsheet are killing me man I think I’m at the top of the list and I’m still a ways off 😀
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    Waitlist Email

    Well now I’m top of the list
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    Waitlist Email

    Has the FM9 shown up in the guitar mags?
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