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Recent content by MikeD

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    Axe FX III / SPDIF / Logic / Apollo Twin

    I am waiting on the delivery of a converter and will be doing this myself soon. I mention that as the following comments are pure speculation on my part and I cannot verify for now. What I noticed from your description above: you have nothing connected to SPDIF In on Axe so shouldn't the...
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    Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block

    I guess it must be more complex than I thought. I assumed (I know, dangerous) that there is a default set of parameters for each amp type and those values are used on the initial amp select. This function would compare those initial values to what is currently loaded in the amp channel and...
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    Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block

    This wish is for both AXE and FM3 editors. I would like to have a reporting option in the amp block that would review all settings in the active amp block channel (i.e. the one with focus in editor) and then pop up a modal window that lists all the parameters that are NOT at that default values...
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    Axe-Fx 3, FM3, and some advice

    Just my $.02... the FM3 cannot run the new version of drive blocks and the new version of the pitch block as they are too demanding for the FM3. AX3 is much more versatile for connection options. If any of those is important to you then I would consider the AX3 as the choice. Also the AX3...
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    What do you miss about the Axe-Fx III now that you have the FM3?

    I have started using the FM3 for a hybrid rig as well. I am using it to replace an aging FX8 and also use it instead of my Ax3 in the hybrid application. I also like the idea of leaving the unit back with the amp and just having one cable running out to a foot controller. What I do miss so...
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    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Best Wishes on your Birthday !
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    Wish Bypass for Global Graphic EQ(s)

    For my uses a few memory presets for the Global Graphic EQ would be the ultimate but in place of that having a method to bypass the Out1 and Out2 eq would be of use for me. I would use it for playing on different (unknown) speaker systems. If the eq setting I happen to have dialed in does not...
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    Mozart anyone?

    Nice job, I really enjoyed that.
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    Wish Global EQ presets

    Just bringing back this request to see if there is any more interest. I know for me even 5 'preset slots' for each Global EQ would be most useful. I have no idea if this is even a possibility on the programming side of things. If there is enough interest it may be brought up for consideration...
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    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    My shipping fee was $95.35 US
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    What Ohm Speakers for Matrix NL212 Cabinet

    Two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel results in a mono 8 ohm load.
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    So sad. He was only 65. A tremendous influence on my guitar journey. I didn't even know he was sick. Talk about a gut punch. I really still can't believe it.
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    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    ??? Really ???
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    I really enjoyed that. Talented lady. Thanks for posting.
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