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Recent content by MikeD

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    FRFR For Live Performance

    I like using the Friedman ASC-10 cabinet(s). Self powered using a 10" woofer (and a tweeter of course). They are not overly heavy in weight and give a cabinet feel for me. They sound best a little louder - at low volumes some find them dark... I personally don't find this.
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    Health Update

    Hey Todd, Sending positive vibes your way. So glad to hear you have the strong support of family and friends and a top notch medical facility close by. Stay determined and keep your positive attitude.
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    Mr Crowley - Instrumental Cover

    Great job ! Really enjoyed it.
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    Any rumors about an FX8 successor?

    I agree in that I'd like to see an updated FX8. Still have and use my original but it would be awesome with the updated efx of the ax3. I'd even welcome a modular format where FX8 'brain' would sit back with the amp and be controlled by an FC controller. It would make for a more simple 4cm...
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    Celestion F12-X200

    @Paulg2uk Hi Paul, This is a longshot but thought I would mention as it happened to me. Make sure there are no cables that have found their way into the speaker basket and close to the cone. In my case one of the speaker connect wires in the cab worked its way close to the cone and the...
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    Do you have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3?

    I have both. I tend to use the FM3 for rehearsals and smaller gigs. I use the Axe III when I want more connection possibilities or need to use more complex presets. To me each has it's purpose and I don't regret having purchased both and I have never considered selling either.
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    FM3, FC12 external amp channel switching

    Just wanted to mention the following as I used the Voodoo Labs Control switcher with the FM3. It worked without a hitch. If you are using CC to toggle the relay(s) on the Voodoo Switcher note the value you send via midi: anything in range 0-63 (or it may be 64) will toggle the relay off...
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    You will have to search Joe Bowen and "Holy Mackinaw". Joe was an announcer for the Maple Leafs and he would say this after an amazing goal or an amazing save. That's my best guess... something amazing this way comes.....
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    Friedman cabs: ASM + ASC vs ASC + ASC and other Qs

    Yes they are stackable (I can only speak to the ASC-10s). The feet are long enough so that the bottom of the top cabinet easily clears the handle of the cab on the bottom. They sit firm with no rocking.
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    Friedman cabs: ASM + ASC vs ASC + ASC and other Qs

    I have two ASC-10s. I went this route mostly for the reduced weight over the ASC-12. I prefer the cabinet shape to the monitor because it is easier to transport and takes less room to pack into a vehicle. Besides the physical characteristics I do like the sound of the ASC-10. I understand...
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    Wish Preset leveller 3 sec average

    +1. Would be a very useful addition.
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    Switch/Preset/Scene Setup for Noob

    Review the manual on presets and scenes. I don't think you fully understand the concept yet and that is causing your grief. My crude attempt to explain: A preset is a collection of blocks. A scene is a collection of the settings for all the blocks in that preset. Given the above you can't...
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    50 watts vs 1000 watts

    I have the GT1000 and it has worked very well. I personally like having the extra power/headroom so that I am not driving the amp really hard, or near its rated max, when I want more volume. I also really like that the GT1000 can handle various speaker impedances and adjusts itself...
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    FM3 Blocks Guide Update

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is a great reference.
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    AFX3.. yeh or ney

    My $.02, the FM3 will serve you well if your needs stay at your current requirements. If you are likely to expand the use of the device the AF3 has more patching options (for your studio use). It will get the latest firmware before FM3 and it is guaranteed that it has the resources to run any...
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