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Recent content by maxolla

  1. maxolla

    Live Looping Rig (Ableton / Axe FX III)

    Thanks for all the help with my setup a few months back. I got it going and then all of the sudden the midi on Ableton wasn’t responding to incoming messages and I left it until seeing this post. I’m using the GT16 for midi control on the AxeIII and haven’t switched up to the FC12 as of yet...
  2. maxolla

    FracPad - Custom Screen - Amp Level Control for Axe FX III

    Awesome UI in my opinion. Thanks Al!
  3. maxolla

    Today’s corporate gig

    Where is the Video YeK?
  4. maxolla

    Trouble with live sound

    traditional tube or non tube power amp like a matrix...with a traditional cab. You’ll get great sounds at drummer volume all the way down to a whisper. At higher volumes I turn down some of the highs etc but that’s been true of any of my setups. When I first got an axe it was the 2 and I...
  5. maxolla

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    I love most all of them. I found out that I love mid gain and lower gain sounds after owning the Axe. Badger 18 and 30 CAE Clean XTC Blue (vintage channel with a pedal in front for more Gain), lots of nuance depending on playing touch.
  6. maxolla

    Best audio interface that will work with Mac OS Catalina

    My bad. When I recently went to an Apple store the biggest drive they had on the showroom floor was 512. The attendant said that was all they had. I just went to the Apple store and you are correct, an 8T drive will cost an extra $2200 dollars but it is available. Add AppleCare+ for 15-inch...
  7. maxolla

    Best audio interface that will work with Mac OS Catalina

    I’ve just about had it with Apple. They need a new Jobs. They have turned me against using their platform because of moves like this. I’m not going to be letting someone else “manage” my data thank you very much. I say no to drugs and the Cloud. I’m currently thinking about what my next...
  8. maxolla

    Best audio interface that will work with Mac OS Catalina

    How do you think the Apogee stacks up against the sound quality of the AXE interface?
  9. maxolla

    Axe-Edit Update & General FW11.01 Stuff

    Where can I get a Leon T-shirt? thanks for the info bro.
  10. maxolla

    The 20 Greatest Led Zeppelin I & II Moments played on the Axe-Fx III

    I do have a VPN running but I have not seemed to have the same issue with Leon’s videos.
  11. maxolla

    Today’s corporate gig

    What an epic spot to perform!
  12. maxolla

    Today’s corporate gig

    Must be nice Yek. If you get a chance post us some video. Love to hear what you sound like.
  13. maxolla

    Why is there no "Axe-Fx IIl Tone Match" section in this forum?

    Thats why I wonder why there has been advice about performing the tone match in a particular room. Whats the difference? I’m sure there is something to be gained from room reverb but what would it be? It seems like a filter wouldn’t have the ability to capture the nuances of reverb.
  14. maxolla

    Why is there no "Axe-Fx IIl Tone Match" section in this forum?

    this is brilliant. I always wanted one of the line 6 emulation guitars with out line 6. I wonder what would happen if you tone matched a twelve string guitar? If what you are saying is correct, I could emulate a gibson SG on my strat. or vice versa. I haven’t looked at this too closely...
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