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Recent content by laxu

  1. laxu

    Wish List Display Zoom

    Pressing Home twice takes you back to the first tab so this is actually a bit annoying that it's not the default Home view. To me it should be a Setup setting or even better the Home view could have a "More" menu in place of the Tuner (why is that even there when it has a dedicated button?)...
  2. laxu

    Power amp with real cab garbage sound

    If turning cab sims on makes it better for you that means that there is an issue with the way you set things up. Cab sims will cut a lot of highs and will maybe bump up the lows. Remember that stock presets or presets built for cab sims are not necessarily going to translate to a real cab...
  3. laxu

    Wish List Display Zoom

    There is no "hardware issue" with drawing text in larger size on a LCD. It's simply something that the current Fractal software is not designed to do. Considering how few UI updates Fractal does I would guess that changing anything on the UI itself is a bit of an ordeal.
  4. laxu

    modelers and high gain ... ear fatigue ... Fractal solution?

    Remember that what you connect the Fractal gear into matters. To me the THR10 is a great amp for a compact, inexpensive home amp. Is say a FM3 better? Absolutely. But it's a completely different product too in terms of its design goals. If you were to run the Fractal through your THR10, it...
  5. laxu

    Sold my Fractal FM3

    You could make an IR of it. I tried doing this recently with Voxengo Deconvolver because I wanted to get a 4x10 Super Reverb IR to try with my Strymon Iridium and I have always liked the ones on my FM3. I must have done something wrong because the IR ended up sounding thinner than if I use the...
  6. laxu

    Purchased Patches

    Start simple. Preset with an Amp -> Cab. Add a Reverb if you feel like, it can add a bit of thickness with a low mix setting. For leads add a delay in parallel with the reverb. Or into the reverb if you want to keep it extra simple. The 5153 amp models are IMO a good do-it-all amp to start...
  7. laxu

    UA Interfaces with the FM3

    Aggregate interfaces tend to be a bit of a nightmare on Windows in my experience. MacOS works better in that sense. I would not be looking at UA if you are using Windows anyway as there seem to be a lot of driver issues that UA refuses to solve. Just look at their customer reviews on their own...
  8. laxu

    I don't really believe in profiling anymore...

    This is a great example of what I was talking about in an earlier post in this thread. Attributing to digital what you don't understand. This is just a bad preset combined with the wrong guitar. A bright Tele or Strat combined with a bright amp into a VERY bright cab. I know that ML Sound Lab...
  9. laxu

    REVIEW: Red Sound MF.10 FRFR versus Matrix GT1000FX with real guitar cab

    Forget the Red Sounds, what the hell are those big ass speakers next to them?
  10. laxu

    Purchased Patches

    I think a lot of people do that. During the about 9 years I used the Axe-Fx Standard and then 2, I had about 10 presets total. Of those I would regularly use maybe 5. On my FM3 now it's the same thing. Of course part of that is because you can do so much inside one preset on Fractal thanks to...
  11. laxu

    I don't really believe in profiling anymore...

    Saying something "sounds digital" is just a stupid catch all phrase for "I can't explain what I don't like about it so I'm just going to blame it on the fact I know it's digital". Most digital guitar gear you can buy nowadays won't have any noticeable aliasing artifacts etc. and any...
  12. laxu

    How do we know the amp models are very accurate?

    While I agree with what you are saying, I feel a lot of guitarists have a certain aversion to actually tweaking their amps. People tend to psychologically just stick to settings that are a little bit to either side of halfway and are not exploring the extremes of their controls. I find myself...
  13. laxu

    How do we know the amp models are very accurate?

    Without being able to play the reference amps Fractal used to model theirs, there's no way to know how close they get. With component variance the same knob settings are not going to produce the exact same results on a different amp. Fractal is also known to sometimes use an idealized version of...
  14. laxu

    Cabinet high cut mystery

    If you try the high cut in the cab sim block you might notice that on many IRs there isn't all that much happening until you get down to about 8 KHz and under. Above that you at most get rid of some sizzle.
  15. laxu

    Purchased Patches

    If you find multiple preset packs to lack "chug" or "balls" then the issue most likely is not the presets but your own setup. Room issues, output system used, not playing loud enough are common reasons why people have less than stellar experiences with modelers. If you are coming from combos...
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