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Recent content by lauke-lux

  1. lauke-lux

    Do you like a 13.7" guitar neck radius?

    Have one guitar 14''. I don't like the feel but it gives me less fatigue....some love-hate relation...
  2. lauke-lux

    Opinions on Boss Katana?

    Nothing in common with FAS - not the same ballpark - but these are fun for kicks at a low price BTW. Tried one in a music store just before this covid shit and found it funny. Anyway give me a guitar and something to process sound of it and I will get my kicks.
  3. lauke-lux

    "All In One" Live Rock Preset

    Descriptions are really cool, looking forward to get back close to my FM3 tomorrow night and try these out. Never tried reverb before delays BTW, wouldnt know how this could be done in the real world.
  4. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Difficult this one. It's a guess but 4 amp, 3 FAS no idea for the others. Like the 2 also though.
  5. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Again

    1 amp 2 FAS 3 a bit dark
  6. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Just back from rehearsal. You turn us on on this ! Tomorrow morning with fresh ears I'll try to dig this to the bottom....(not sure that will be enough).
  7. lauke-lux

    Does a USB cable affect the tone?

    Audiophiles will nuke us underground but money makes the world go round. Have a nice weekend !!
  8. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Maybe but no comparison with the sound of Left and Right speakers breathing in plain air of a room.
  9. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    There are differences; some subtle some less in textures. As I don't play deluxe amps cranked with gain at 10 (no gain on the real amp only volume)...whether it be real amp or modeller...not too much to comment intelligently on a sound I don't use on a regular basis whatever be the source. Sure...
  10. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Maybe 3 generations of Fractal modeĺlers ? Would be terrific
  11. lauke-lux

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    The 3rd has some bass growl going on I don't quite hear in the others. But to say I better like this or that I'd need to play around with it myself and for a longer time. The chosen riff is a bit harsh to my ears. I have to admit that I never played my DLR, when I had one, with volume on...
  12. lauke-lux

    Display Protection for Fractal Gear

    I'd like to buy one of these magnetic ones but don't find any in Europe; even considered creating the article in small series for 15 Euros each including postage.
  13. lauke-lux

    Display Protection for Fractal Gear

    I've got it also. It effectively is easy to install. I found it pretty thin though and I doubt this will protect the screen if a jack falls down on it from one meter height. Any information available to what extend this protection is effective ?
  14. lauke-lux

    Combo amp recommendations

    If I could buy a small tube amp for kicks I'd go for an Orange TH30 combo. Edit : oops 49lbs....still it sounds killer
  15. lauke-lux

    8.9 MB ...

    My first computer with windows 3.1 an AT386 had a very luxuriant hard disk of 20MB. It could do at acceptable speed spreadsheets, word and even some Adobe application called Pagemaker....
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