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Recent content by Kyle.E.Woyote

  1. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Steve Vai's David Lee Roth-era Jose Arredondo-modded Marshall Super Lead

    "Eat Em And Smile" is my favorite Vai for playing and tone ... so raw but clean... Looking forward to digging in on this video!!!!
  2. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Ola Englund Axe-Fx 3

    ....now I just need a III hahaha!
  3. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Wow, unexpected but absolutely appreciated!! Can't wait to give it a go!!! Thanks FAS!!!!
  4. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    good points.... i forgot about this...
  5. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    Don't quote me here, I really should research this first but, if I recall correctly Metallica stepped in on something like this recently? I think it was for a one off show (Symphony/Orchestra) scheduled. They caught wind of tix gone in minutes. May not be the same situation, but like you say...
  6. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Arch Echo - New Album

    Saw you guys here in Ottawa supporting Tony Macalpine a few days ago @progmachine , blown away!!! Bought the discs, bought some shirts haha!
  7. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Uberschall Preset (+ IR)

    Yup. Leon's patch is great, and his explanations really help when applying to your own patches. I won't necessarily use his patch straight up,or maybe I would? But there are plenty of ideas you can try and experiment while we look for our own tones. Studio stuff isn't necessarily what I get...
  8. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Uberschall Preset (+ IR)

    Awesome vid Leon! I love seeing more live approaches, patches and strategies here!! Very useful stuff to apply to our own presets, thanks!!!!
  9. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Cynic - Focus official tab book coming soon (transcribed by me!)

    DOH!! Just read this on Instagram yesterday, can't wait to dig in!
  10. Kyle.E.Woyote

    My Oasis live preset

    Canada too! Lol
  11. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Straplocks: Dunlop or Schaller

    Schaller here, never an issue in 20yrs or more... Like above has said, initially tighten down with a socket (I used that) or something other than fingers, be careful you can tighten it so far as it works its way through the strap hole.. Always position the horse shoe IN LINE, (horsehoe open...
  12. Kyle.E.Woyote

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Just what I like to hear, live use! Haha
  13. Kyle.E.Woyote

    How many patches do you all use?

    Thanks! All guitars direct with stock cabs, and Angle (Engl) and IIC+ ... Quad tracked 2 guitar players in the band, so we simply played our parts through each amp patch and voila!
  14. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Legato lesson?

    Actually, that's why I mentioned Kotzen during his young Shrapnel days because that was way before he went pick-less... Always remember, even if you can't (or can) play some of the stuff these guys have to offer, you will ALWAYS come away with something you can use in YOUR arsenal...
  15. Kyle.E.Woyote

    How many patches do you all use?

    80's Hair Band... 5 patches...Clean,Rhythm, Lead w/delay, Lead w/wah, Lead w/phazer.. SUPER simple, same amp,cab for dirty stuff... Only change is if I play detuned. In this case I bank up one and its a 1/2 pitch,(all same 5 patches) and up another bank for a whole step pitch!!(same original...
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