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Recent content by kmachman

  1. K

    Brad Paisley Preset

    Try substituting the amp you have there now for the "Mr Z Highway 66". Really brings things to life. Brad uses a Dr Z amp. :)
  2. K

    SWEET EMOTIONS -Aerosmith

    Have you played with the "Vocoder" block? You can make your own talk box.
  3. K

    A lot of brutality for only 55% CPU !

    Looks like you did an overhaul on the scenes. Sounds good. One of the amps in the scenes has "thru" selected for bypass mode. Youll want to turn that to mute... Cant remember which one now.
  4. K

    A lot of brutality for only 55% CPU !

    I notice the popping on scenes 3 & 7. But theres supposed to be a fix on the next update. Sounds good man!
  5. K

    Rumblin' Teles. Free ODS-based preset and video demo for Tele and similar twangmeisters.

    Love your videos and these awesome presets. I am always looking for great tones for my tele. Thanks!!!!!
  6. K

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Release Candidate (Beta 7)

    ANyone else notice a drastic louder volume change in some of your presets?
  7. K

    The Complete Fractal Audio Factory Presets | FM3 | FM9 | Axe-Fx III | #101-#125

    Damn!!! Gonna have to revisit these factory presets. Thanks for these videos!!
  8. K

    Def Leppard Tone

    This is great! My new Def Leppard patch. with all the changes in the firmware lately my other one started sounding off. This one is great. I used Leon Todds LT TV Mix7 on the left cab and the factory 2 1022 cab on the right (Greenback). Thanks! Sounds great to my ears.
  9. K

    Why most of the people use Fractal Bot to upload single presets?

    Actually... i just click and drag the file into axe edit and it does it all for me... No need for fractal bot or anything else.
  10. K

    RESOLVED: Wah Block with Axe-FX III and FC-12 - Only Half-travel on EV-2

    I assume that you calibrated the pedal?
  11. K

    Blocks Library October 2022

    Thank you for introducing me to the library feature. 10 years of Fractal and ive never learned about the library function. Most excellent!!!
  12. K

    Live Double Tracked Preset

    Sounds good. Keep up the good work!
  13. K

    Any Godin players?

    Haha... Robert Godin himself pronounces it Goh-Daa... You dont pronounce the "N".
  14. K

    Any Godin players?

    I have six Godin's. -A6 Ultra Baritone -LGX SA -Fifth Avenue King Pin II w/P90's -A8 Mandolin -Simon & Patrick Songsmith acoustic 6 String -Simon & Patrick Songsmith acoustic 12 String The Simon & Patrick guitars were bought to be campfire guitars when we camp. The tone is absolutely...
  15. K

    Billy Talent - Preset on Axe Fx III (Question about modeling)

    What firmware was it written under? (it should say on axechange) Ive found if the presets are too old they arent much good. So many changes.
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