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Recent content by Kingjimmi

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    SOLD For Sale AXE 3 MKII TURBO 2.5 months old.

    Hi, I'm just outside of Philly and would like to pick this up. Sending you a message with my phone number, send me a text and we can arrange something.
  2. K

    FS For Sale: QSC PLD 4.2, 2xPassive Atomic CLR wedges, Xitone 6U Combo Cab

    Going to be NYC Monday for the meetup if anyone is interested in any of these items.
  3. K

    Fractal Forum Meetup this Monday night (2/15) in NYC

    Get a nice venue and I'll bring a Sony FS7 and an A7SII to film the proceedings. I don't have a set of lights to bring with me, so if anyone has any and can bring them that would be awesome. If you need to collect money for renting a venue I would be more than happy to chip in.
  4. K

    Mikko goes USA

    Only reason I'm pressing for a firming up of plans is because the logistics of moving equipment into NYC from Philadelphia is a pain in the @$$. I'd love to get some footage of the event to share with everyone, but it might all prove to be too much trouble if plans aren't made and an impromptu...
  5. K

    Mikko goes USA

    Wish I lived in NYC, so I could take lead on this maybe, perhaps, get together. But I'm not, so I won't. If you guys want to move the gathering to Philly I'd be happy to set something up. That being said, someone is going to have to step up and get the ball rolling in NYC. I'm more than happy...
  6. K

    youtube vid removed

    Was it actually removed or just flagged? Anyone can flag a video anonymously, but it won't actually be removed unless it violates YouTube's guidelines. Were you playing any copyrighted music in the demo of your guitar? That's about the only reason I could see for your video being removed after...
  7. K

    Quality of PRS vs Suhr

    Has Suhr's quality suffered at all since their acquisition by JS Technologies?
  8. K

    Something different

    You should be hitting up the pen blogs and forums. Fpgeeks.com is a pretty big one. You'll get an idea if your pens are sellable plus get some feedback on improvements to your design. Once you make some money doing the pens you should also take a look at badgerandblade.com and make some money...
  9. K

    Mikko goes USA

    I'll bring some cameras, anybody got any lighting? For audio, I assume there will be a board there I can just record audio from?
  10. K

    Mikko goes USA

    So, no official meetup planned?
  11. K

    Mikko goes USA

    Any interest in having the East Coast meetup filmed?
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