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Recent content by khawk

  1. K

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.1

    Absolutely awesome! Thanks M@!
  2. K

    Don Felder

    Love that guy! Thanks for posting, I'd never seen this!
  3. K

    Axe for Lemur ready for beta testers

    Yes sir! Using it now! Absolutely awesome!
  4. K

    Do you have the Shine?

    That movie scares the hell out of me...and so does that game! Hahaha.
  5. K

    Bogner Uberschall [Mark Tremonti-inspired]

    Absolutely SICK man! Loved it!
  6. K

    KickTags V2 labels for the MFC ARE OUT NOW!! We're finally back and open :-)

    Sukh, everything looks awesome! I too am trying to figure out how I'm going to set things up now that Scenes have entered the picture!
  7. K

    In Loving Memory: Lynn M. Oliver (1954-2012)

    Wow...very sorry to hear this. We spoke via e-mail and he was always responsive and very cool to work with. I'll be praying for his family.
  8. K

    Cliff: Axe-Edit on a tablet?

  9. K

    Tube vs Modeler - last nights experience.

    I think Reb Beach uses a Metal Zone doesn't he? He did at one time anyway.
  10. K

    Larry Mitchell playing live, wow!

    Larry - Just blown away man. Hope to see you someday!
  11. K

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    Kevin, with as much as we've spoken on e-mail, I know how important family is to you (as it is to me). Take the time with family.
  12. K

    KickTags V2 labels for the MFC launching next week! (from pedalboardlabels)

    They turned out awesome Sukh! Can't wait to place my order...just have to decide what I'm going to buy! Hahaha.
  13. K

    I Might Be An Idiot...

    Update - Wow...it was a bad cable after all. I'd ruled this out as I have two TRS cables and, as it turns out, they BOTH must be bad. Bought a new one at Best Buy today and voila! All is well. Thanks for the help everyone!
  14. K

    Help me out for a contest guys?

    Voted! Nice job!
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