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Recent content by justinjcm900

  1. justinjcm900

    Hans Zimmer | Rush | Lost But Won

    Hey guys, In the isolation we're all experiencing right now, I managed to get another Hans Zimmer cover together and believe it or not, this was a really big session with loads of different layers to get it sounding huge and faithful to the original. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it and stay...
  2. justinjcm900

    No Time To Die guitar cover Hans Zimmer & Billie Eilish

    Hey guys, Another way overdue Hans Zimmer cover here that I want to share with you as you have always been very positive towards my past covers! If you get chance to watch it, the link is below Thanks!
  3. justinjcm900

    New rock instrumental track and video

    Hey guys, Hope you're all well! Just wanted to share with you my second single of the year so far, another rock instrumental, maybe it's a little bit metal but I'll let you decide that. I hope you enjoy it! Justin
  4. justinjcm900

    GGD Invasion - how i mix the kick drums

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share a video I've put together showing how I mix the kick drums from GGD Invasion library. After a few people had asked me on YouTube I thought I would make a series of videos breaking down each element of the kit in a separate video so there will be more to come...
  5. justinjcm900

    My first 'single' guitar play through

    Cheers man, thank you very much!
  6. justinjcm900

    My first 'single' guitar play through

    Thanks so much man, I really appreciate you checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  7. justinjcm900

    My first 'single' guitar play through

    Hey guys, For anyone interested I've just dropped a video of my guitar play through for my first single 'Faith' Honestly, you guys on this forum have been so supportive and encouraging from the support and you are a big part of the reason I've finally got to this point and felt confident...
  8. justinjcm900

    Just put out my first original track - Instrumental Rock

    Hey guys, The players on this forum have being long time supporters of everything I shared on here from cab impulse demos to Hans Zimmer covers, but now I've finally gone way out of my comfort zone and taken the step to release my first original piece of music. I'll not go into loads of...
  9. justinjcm900

    GGD Invasion + AXE FX = Heavy stuff

    Hey guys, Put together a heavy demo of the Getgood Drums Invasion Drum Library along with my Axe Fx. This is probably the heaviest song I've written and it was a blast putting it together! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thank you as always for the support! Justin
  10. justinjcm900

    Mixing heavy guitars

    Thank you man, I appreciate you taking the time to watch! Cheers
  11. justinjcm900

    Mixing heavy guitars

    Thanks dude, much appreciated!
  12. justinjcm900

    Mixing heavy guitars

    Thanks man, really appreciate that! Thanks for watching
  13. justinjcm900

    Mixing heavy guitars

    Hey man, Thank you very much for watching and for your feedback! I'll take that on board and I think I will make two videos, one showing what I use and another with stock or free plugins and then hopefully that helps more people! Thanks again
  14. justinjcm900

    Mixing heavy guitars

    Hi guys, I hope you're all well! I've just put out a new video on YouTube showing how I mix heavy guitars. I've had a few requests for this from comments on there and here on the fractal forums so I hope this is of some help to some of you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thank you as always...
  15. justinjcm900

    Periphery | New Groove cover and the plugins i used to mix it

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share my new video covering New Groove by Periphery. After the play through I also go through the plugins and processes I used to mix it. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers
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