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Recent content by jimfist

  1. jimfist

    Tom Brady

    Here's an interesting article about Brady while at Michigan State. https://www.michigandaily.com/sports/michigan-alabama-flashback-teammates-reflect-tom-brady-drew-henson-battle-david-terrell’s-ris I distinctly remember the Orange Bowl game where Brady led the wolverines comeback, and being...
  2. jimfist

    Tom Brady

    Belichick had already played his cards to move on from Brady with Jimmy Garapolo. Coach hoodie has his methods and he sticks with them. It's been successful for him even when those decisions aren't popular, and I think he knows what he's doing. You could easily make the argument that Garapolo...
  3. jimfist

    Respect the Low End

    It may be because this discussion was initiated back in Jan. 2016 for the AxeFxII. Check it out: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wishlist-bass-amps-and-effects.109177/ Back then, the idea of a Sunn and an Ampeg porta-flex were being floated as new additions for bassists. Fell off the...
  4. jimfist

    New band for old-timers/Zeppelin fans: Greta van Fleet

    For certain, I'll take Great van Fleet 10x out of 10 compared to that stuff. I'm at the 'get off my lawn' stage of my life now, and there's just so little I hear that inspires. It's probably just me, though. Every so often, I'll hear something new that scratches the itch, but not enough...
  5. jimfist

    New band for old-timers/Zeppelin fans: Greta van Fleet

    I'm all for great young talent. I love Led Zeppelin. GvFleet is young. Zeppelin is old. I'd prefer to hear new young talent do something that we haven't already heard a million times. I wish them luck and hope their creative aspirations match those of their obvious idols. I'm sure they'll do...
  6. jimfist

    FCB1010 HELP!

    Here's a thread from long ago. I used the FCB1010 for many years with the AxeFxII and Ultra. If you seek only basic functions, it works fine. If you want to do more elaborate things, you'll need to spend time understanding MIDI specification and programming the pedal. It's a task, no word of a...
  7. jimfist

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    I agree with the P-bass/Jazz bass sentiment. I personally have also had luck with Schecter Basses, specifically the Stiletto Studio Elite (4 string), though I've auditioned a number of their other active and passive models with pleasing results. Good variety of tones and reasonably priced...
  8. jimfist

    What makes more sense: FC-12 or Behringer FCB1010 for at home use only?

    At this point, it's really a matter of whether you can afford to part with the money in getting the new FC-6/12, or whether you have more time on your hands with which to jab yourself in the eyeball learning how to program the FCB1010, especially if you're a MIDI programming newb. No doubt...
  9. jimfist

    AustinBuddy's 200+ BassTonePack for AX8!

    Really great to see someone addressing bass needs here. specifically regarding the AX8, it's unfortunate that this pedal is so hard to come by these days, and in the used market the prices are pretty high. I know it's too late, had this been available over the last year or so, I'd have likely...
  10. jimfist

    FCB 1010 programming

    I'd advise that you manually "wipe" clear any programming of all 10 switches in a single bank so you can start with a clean slate. It's a tedious process without an editing program, but certainly do-able. Are you comfortable getting into EDIT mode for a switch, and then navigating around the...
  11. jimfist

    FCB 1010 programming

    The key to this is in the MIDI protocol of the DMX controller, telling you what MIDI commands the unit responds to in order to change banks, scenes, and chases. Without knowing the MIDI spec for the DMX, I'd hazard to guess that you could set up the FCB1010 to have buttons change scenes, use...
  12. jimfist

    Axe-Fx III and FCB-1010 set up??

  13. jimfist

    Live bands playing along to karaoke tracks - Moral Issue?

    Oh yeah. EPIC trainwrecks!! Way back in the days of the Atari 1040ST, we'd use it running sequencer software with a rack of MIDI modules. On more than one occasion, the mouse would vibrate due to the loud volume, and run the arrow off the screen which would force the sequence to a dead STOP in...
  14. jimfist

    Does your CLR rattle when you play bass through it?

    It's good that you're in contact with Atomic and they're on the case. They'll help you get to the bottom (ahem) of it.
  15. jimfist

    Does your CLR rattle when you play bass through it?

    Is the CLR active or passive? I had an issue with one of my active CLRs (initial run), rectified on short order by Atomic. Never had an issue since. I was able to isolate the problem by running a slow, modulating frequency sweep via the AxeFX synth block. The CLR active cabinet will audibly...
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