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Recent content by GreatGreen

  1. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    This is awesome. SUPER useful change.
  2. GreatGreen

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    If you look close in the video of them playing at the observatory, you can see shots where the camera is at the right height to see straight between the heads and cabs. No speaker cables plugged in back there. Cabs are mic’d to look authentic but less care is taken around the back of the rig...
  3. GreatGreen


    I'd be cool with the Axe-Fx III Mk I being reconfigured to support 1024 User IRs and 32 FullRes IRs. I haven't even come close to filling up even one User IR bank, personally. And just for the record @FractalAudio , there might be a very small minority of people complaining that the Axe-Fx III...
  4. GreatGreen

    Tonewood is BULLS*T!!!!

    I don't see how anyone who has played a lot of guitars could say wood doesn't matter. I ordered an EVH Wolfgang about a year ago from an online store and loved everything about it EXCEPT how it resonated in my hands unplugged. The neck was fantastic, strings stayed in tune, the pickups even...
  5. GreatGreen

    Getting my cabinet "moving"

    That's a fantastic idea. I'd absolutely use a global impedance curve. When I'm recording, I tend to setup a cab block with a handful of IR's I like first, then stick with them. And when I'm playing live, like most people, I tend to pick a cab or two and stick with those. Being able to audition...
  6. GreatGreen

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Yeah, this was a good idea. Congrats Fractal :)
  7. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    I am. I'm saying that if you have a main guitar you want to adjust the input Level for, so every patch will default to that specific input level adjustment, you can control that parameter here: Then, if you have additional guitars you want to adjust the input levels of separately from the...
  8. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Yep! You can set the global input gain for your main guitar, then adjust your other guitars on a per-patch basis if you need.
  9. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Eh, just because it may have been done doesn't mean it's necessarily good or reliable. Actually, it inherently cannot be because it would depend on wildly inconsistent variables to work every single time it would happen. And more importantly, it wouldn't be better or even easier to use than the...
  10. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    I see. The original request is asking for the guitar's level, immediately after it has been digitized and placed in the Axe-Fx's Grid, to be automatically adjusted to some "optimal" value that differs from the natural volume of the signal the guitar sends to the Axe-Fx. In that case I don't...
  11. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    You said "it's not about the Instrument Input, it's about adjusting the level of the input." Which input do you mean?
  12. GreatGreen

    Automatic Gain Staging for Input

    Most people know that as you adjust the input sensitivity in the Axe-Fx, what you are doing is basically padding or boosting the signal sent to the AD/DA converters. What a lot of people do NOT know is that as you do this, the volume is adjusted equally but oppositely in the digital realm...
  13. GreatGreen

    PSA - Check your guitar tone knob...

    Have you ever tried removing the knob altogether? I've always liked Strats but I can't stand how close the volume knob is to the bridge pickup. Moving the Volume knob to the 2nd knob position and only wiring in one Tone knob changed the whole guitar for me.
  14. GreatGreen

    Enhancer block sound, without the enhancer block?

    When I want a sound like that, I use the Van Halen "Balance" tone trick. Phaser block after the amp and cab set to Detune mode. voice 1 set to -6 ct full panned left, voice 2 set to +6 ct full panned right. Mix to taste. This makes your guitar sound huge, even when collapsed to mono. It's...
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