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Recent content by GreatGreen

  1. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.02 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    Even if you never touched the amp modeling (which would be a shame because it's fantastic) the Axe-Fx would still easily be called the greatest guitar effects processor of all time by a huge margin. It's not even close at this point.
  2. GreatGreen

    Bought Myself a Christmas Present

    What an office. Wow.
  3. GreatGreen

    Bassman - How do the way the 2 Drive controls interact

    I've never understood this. Why would they call it a "reissue" if it's so categorically different from the original?
  4. GreatGreen

    What Prompted You To Buy A Fractal?

    I first heard about the Axe-Fx in 2008. I'd heard the typical modeler's promise before of providing everything you could ever want in a small light weight package, but none of the other ones got anywhere close to delivering on that. But, there was something different about the Fractal stuff...
  5. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    I've always wondered about this. In amps designed like these, is the word "Presence" a misnomer? Does anybody know if this control is still a kind of negative feedback control for the preamp or is "preamp presence" really just more like a High Treble or High Cut kind of control but simply called...
  6. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    Can't tell which is which. Please go ahead and tell us which is the real amp and which is the model so I can say I knew that along and that they sound nothing alike. : D
  7. GreatGreen

    violin EQ

    If your low notes are loud and your high notes are quiet, I’d recommend putting a compressor at the beginning of the chain. Start subtle and slowly increase compression (while slowly boosting the compressor level to compensate) until you get an even output. I’d also recommend using one of the...
  8. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    One thing to note about the spin-a-split mod. I'd highly recommend the pot you use to be a no-load pot so when you turn it to 10, the pot is truly removed from the circuit and the guitar no longer sees the load of the pot. If you don't do that, the pot stays in the circuit and loads the...
  9. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    You know what... you guys were right. I was measuring and thinking in terms of the spin-a-split mod. Doh! Volume pots work differently than that. :) It's been a couple years since I dove down the rabbit hole of pickup and pot wiring. Might have to revisit it.
  10. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    Ok guys that's interesting, but it does make me curious about something. When I put my multimeter on a 500k pot and turn it down, the resistance does in fact lower over the sweep of the pot until it eventually hits 0. I can measure a 500k audio taper pot on 10, and when I turn it down to around...
  11. GreatGreen

    Making coil splitting work

    I chose to attach my neck pickup's spin-a-split pot to the inner slug coil, leaving the outer coil on when the slug is rolled off. This is because I prefer neck single coils to be as close to directly under the 24th fret / 2nd octave harmonic position as possible. This is where the outer coil is...
  12. GreatGreen

    Helix 3.5 New Cab Engine is Awesome! Fractal needs to catch up!

    For front panel editing, there's really no need for a fancy UI with a picture of a mic and speaker to get the same functionality of the Helix. What you'd need for the Axe-Fx would be a list of built-in search filters (mic, speaker model, number of speakers in the cab, cab brand, etc) to narrow...
  13. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    Oh man, I hope you don't do that. "High Treble" alone is worth the page's existence. If you do decide to get rid of the Ideal page, please keep its parameters available elsewhere for users.
  14. GreatGreen

    WTF Brit Studio 20? How many people wanted a Marshall SV20H in the Wish List???

    Yep. A 1W amp that requires poweramp distortion is too loud for a bedroom. Arguably too loud for an apartment.
  15. GreatGreen

    Why are all the factory presets so bass heavy??

    What kind of speakers are they, OP? Also, if they're not powered, what kind of poweramp is driving them?
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