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  • dude you alive? If so check out my engl my dangle patch in the patch section, even to let me know if it works, my first upload.
    duuuuuuuuuuuuuude so you just got the axe 2! we need to share some ideas, I dare say I am finding a lot of the amps sounding the same?! for gain patches. If I leave all the same and just swap out different amps there doesnt seem to be a hhhhhhhhuge difference between high gain sounds. This may be because I havent changed any other parameters, and some amps may really pair well with some cabs , Ir's, but again shouldnt they sound different from each other if all other things are set the same? like cae from cameron from others. This may change at louder volumes. Lets share some amp cab IR combinations for serious metal!
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