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Recent content by gittarzann

  1. gittarzann

    FS AX8 For sale SOLD

    Price reduction
  2. gittarzann

    FS AX8 For sale SOLD

  3. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    What value is scene 1 ?
  4. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    Thanks! I am sure I am in error, but I can't find anything linking scenes to the learn function in the FM3. I read about MIDI mapping but if I understand it correctly, the IA switches on the MFC would not be Global Scenes 1 through 5, they would be Preset 1 Scene 1 Preset 1 Scene 2 etc...
  5. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    Can it be programmed so the first 5 switches select scenes within each preset? I'd like to use the FM3 to select presets and the MFC to select scenes. I can program everything else using the learn function. I just can't figure out scenes.
  6. gittarzann

    Some slide tones, Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen inspired.

    Yep, I read right past Joey and saw Landreth. Now I will go check out Joey :)
  7. gittarzann

    Some slide tones, Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen inspired.

    Nice playing!! I'd never heard of Sonny .. I know.. right?!? ..and got an opportunity to see BB King with John Hiatt on the bill. What a guitarist!! Loved it
  8. gittarzann

    Help with DI/Reamping

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/using-fm3-in-reaper.165571/#post-1987449 I had trouble setting it up, followed this post and got it working, hope it helps.
  9. gittarzann

    Free Archon & Triple Crown presets

    WHY is the video of the editor ???
  10. gittarzann

    Stage rig #100... Another one. Video and preset d/l

    Thank you Burg for all your generosity to the community. Great info and tones constantly being provided for everyone.
  11. gittarzann

    FS FX-8 mk ii - ready to buy

    I have a G2 and a Switchblade too. I need to get rid of some of it. My SB is the GL, an amazing piece of gear especially for it's time.
  12. gittarzann

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    What kind of pedalboard do you have. That is pretty much my exact setup and all your gear looks like it fits nicely!
  13. gittarzann

    80's Presets Ported to AX8

    Thanks Leon! Your the best... mate!
  14. gittarzann

    1959 Magnatone Troubadour 1x12"

    LOL I'm more a 1's and 0's kinda guy I do love to look at amps though!
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