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Recent content by ethomas1013

  1. ethomas1013

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    No, but there are still things to wish for. An improved display optimized for live/stage viewing was requested over a year ago A set-list mode is a LONG standing wishlist item... Of course there's the obvious pitch block wish... If none of those things ever make it, the FM3 still sounds...
  2. ethomas1013

    Scenes vs Patches with FM9: Switching speed and CPU

    That's not what he's asking. He's asking about switching speed between presets on the FM9. How much of a gap will he experience?
  3. ethomas1013

    I love my AX8 Dumble... why can't I get the FM3 to duplicate???

    I didn’t find Austin Buddies presets to sound better than the factory presets when I bought them for the AX8, but I didn’t buy his FM3 pack. The way he implemented the FX and controllers never suited my preferences. What I did like about his presets is that you get every amp model represented...
  4. ethomas1013

    I love my AX8 Dumble... why can't I get the FM3 to duplicate???

    Really, I find many of the presets in the FM3 to be excellent starting points. Especially with the last update to the presets. I never liked any of the presets in the AX8… As you go through presets, if you find one that’s close, go to the amp block and make basic tone control adjustments. I’m...
  5. ethomas1013

    I love my AX8 Dumble... why can't I get the FM3 to duplicate???

    Different devices, different firmware. They will never sound the same. I’d start from scratch and dial in tones you like on the FM3 without comparing it to the AX8 or trying to make it sound exactly like the AX8. If that fails, sell the FM3 and use the AX8.
  6. ethomas1013

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    Had to search for it, but the definitive answer from Cliff on this for the AxeFX III Mark I can be found here.
  7. ethomas1013

    Gapless scene switching?

    FM9 has two amp blocks available so you can seamlessly switch amps by using the two amp blocks rather than changing channels in one amp block.
  8. ethomas1013

    Am I RTFMing this right?

    Yes, the FM3's on-board jacks can function as Stand-In Switches, it thats what you are asking about. In fact, one FM3 jack can support two switches, something the FM9 cannot do. That was discussed in the main FM9 introduction thread.
  9. ethomas1013


    What should be available for download? The user IR banks are empty unless you load something into them. Unless I'm totally misunderstand this, the discussion is about eliminating half of the empty user IR slots, not eliminating any of the IRs that are loaded in the unit from the factory.
  10. ethomas1013

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    Hey man, hope you are doing well! I'm still required to use a modeler at Church (silent stage), and I do use the FM3 for FX with an amp. But I have a regular jam with some old friends and the amp is king in those situations! I'm done trying to use a modeler with FRFR as an amp substitute. FRFR...
  11. ethomas1013

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Oops! I edited my post to tag the correct Matt!
  12. ethomas1013

    Why no 'Global Blocks" ? Technical limitations or something else ? PLEASE PLEASE

    Yes, you can cut and paste blocks from one preset to another in FM3 edit. You can also save blocks in a library that can be recalled in a preset. To me, global blocks would be the most useful if you are making changes on the fly at a gig and you want those changes saved across multiple presets...
  13. ethomas1013

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Perhaps you don't understand the comments because you have not participated in this forum or previous FAS waitlists? I have been involved in the last five waitlists (AxeII, AxeIII, AX8, FX8, and FM3). These are my observations based on participation in previous waitlists. Perhaps this will help...
  14. ethomas1013

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    I had an FC6 along with my FM3 for a while. Just didn't like that they were two separate pieces. Went to the 2-button stand in switch and dealt with the shortcomings (from my perspective). The extra switches are not the only factor. I'm thrilled with the FM3, but the FM9 will meet my needs...
  15. ethomas1013

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    I'll be moving to the FM9. I have made the 3-buttons with a stand-in switch work, but it's still not my preference. The FM3/FC6 combination was just too big. I know the FM9 isn't much smaller than that pair, but it hits the sweet spot for me. I'll probably give the FM3 to our Worship Leader. He...
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