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  1. ElectricPhase

    Finally, a real gig with the FM3!

    My problem was also with the OMG9 paradigm, but in a different way. I have 'two left feet', and hitting a button on the FM3, then another on the FC6 just wasn't happening consistently. My solution (from a thousand miles up) was to concentrate all of the button combinations during songs on the...
  2. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Status Update

    We appreciate the information! Sounds like good news.
  3. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I’m happily using my FM3 for the few rehearsals and gigs current conditions present with no apparent problems. Still, reading ‘fixed for next release’ on various bugs and not seeing a release can be a head scratcher after a while.
  4. ElectricPhase

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for the Axe-Fx III running firmware 12.14 is now available!

    Thanks so much for sharing your tagged factory set. I've been meaning to do something like that in spreadsheet form for a long while, but it was always too big a job. Gotta find out if there's a way to export the TagSpaces data....
  5. ElectricPhase

    Vendor New Screen Protection system for FM3... coming soon!

    Looks good. I'm hoping we can order just the bits we need....?
  6. ElectricPhase

    Anyone have an electric car?

    The main reason I wouldn't consider it: https://anewspost.com/electric-cars-useless-in-cold-weather/
  7. ElectricPhase

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    I have way too many guitars, and that's the only one that I'm still jonesing for.
  8. ElectricPhase

    Has anyone noticed the screen scratches really easily?

    After an outdoor gig that ended with some light rain, I'm glad I had the CEBA protector. Obviously, it's not waterproof, but I think it helped. In any case, it definitely keeps the screen out of harms way.
  9. ElectricPhase

    So for no real reason I decided I needed an ESP E-II Eclipse

    I have two MIK Skolnick sigs. Not the FR version. Stock they have a JB in the bridge. I'm so used to JBs....they never seemed all that hot to me. One of mine had been 'upgraded' to an EMG Het set before I bought it. I expected to hate those and rip them out. Much to my surprise, they stayed...
  10. ElectricPhase

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    I like metal as much as anybody and the clip is pretty cool, but the playing style and heavy gating in that clip don't lend themselves well to comparing tones. Even after know which is which, I can't form a preference one way or the other.
  11. ElectricPhase


    Oh man. Too soon!
  12. ElectricPhase

    Vendor Free Archon "all-in-one" preset

    The Lead 2 scene is like crack. Way too much gain, but it makes you feel like you can throw lightning bolts. 🤣
  13. ElectricPhase

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Just got back from a Nashville neighborhood scouting trip. We covered Brentwood, Franklin, and Thompsons Station. Our preference seemed to gravitate toward the northernmost parts of Franklin. One of the things that surprised the heck out of me is how deceptive some of the property photos are...
  14. ElectricPhase

    Tell me about Tennessee

    We're contemplating the same move. Any info would be much appreciated!
  15. ElectricPhase

    Free Preset of the week - MF Herbie

    Confirmed. All good.
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