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Recent content by edo

  1. edo

    Pitch Block - Like a Stone solo (Rage Against the Machine)

    You should use the classic whammy mode, 2 octaves up, and assign it to an expression pedal. Here's a sample from one of my commercial preset packs:
  2. edo

    Sell me on dual amps

    You're still using 2 maximum per scene, put you have 8 preloaded in the channels, so you can switch between 8 amps (or any combination of 2) within 1 preset
  3. edo

    Sell me on dual amps

    Besides all reasons above (which I second), the simplest reason is that you can have 8 amps in one preset as opposed to 4, which is cool because you can have 1 preset to range from jazz to metal and everything in between, but its even more useful because you can load 8 amps - or 8 of the same...
  4. edo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.03

    I haven't installed this yet, but I meant to ask this question on the previous fw thread: is there any specific reason why the presets that used to use the tweed deluxe now default to tweed deluxe jumpered?
  5. edo

    Delay Block Update

    Comparing sdd rack and add pedal is like apple vs orange.. the only thing they share in common is the name, they didn’t even get the color right!! 😄
  6. edo

    Delay Block Update

    Try and reduce the bit rate to 13 (so bit reduction = 11) on the vintage digital and turn the eq hi cut down to 17k (or 8k), set the modulation wave to triangle, and you're more than a half way there..!
  7. edo

    Vox Ac30 Midrange

    As far as the wight switch, not sure what that does, but usually "weight" refers to the lows / low mids, it could either be some sort of "deep switch" or tone shift. As a matter of fact, on Edge's vox1 weight is on "more" and on vox2 it's on "less", and if you listen to them, vox 1 sounds much...
  8. edo

    Vox Ac30 Midrange

    As far as the mids, technically speaking a stock ac30 doesn’t have a mid knob, but the mids are heavily affected by the way you set bass and treble. Also, the volume of the normal channel affects the treble boost channel to some extent, but I never liked what it does, it adds some sort of...
  9. edo

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C

    I just finished a 40 minute jeff beckesque noodling session with this preset!
  10. edo

    Wish Global Blocks

    Any word on this?? It would truly be a game changer..!!
  11. edo

    deluxe tweed bright switch..

    Yeah, I know the Tweed Deluxe doesn't have a bright switch (it is one of the few amps I still own), but I was wondering whether its intentional to leave the switch without functioning or it was some sort of "ops, I forgot!" kind of thing :-)
  12. edo

    deluxe tweed bright switch..

    The bright switch on the deluxe tweed doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this normal behavior or possible bug?
  13. edo

    Another IEM Question

    Chances are you’re either not receiving the other side from the mixer, or the body pack is panned hard side
  14. edo

    AF in studio: any benefit from mic pre's?

    Oh, yeah, I know! I will surely try, i was just making sure it would not be a wrong principle, like eg connecting an amp sim into a guitar amp, since I always assumed the mic preamp character should already be printed in the ir one is using.
  15. edo

    AF in studio: any benefit from mic pre's?

    I generally always tweak my presets for live use, but in the last year I obviously found myself much more involved in studio sessions than live playing. So because I am considering to upgrade my home studio with some fine mic pre's / compressors etc to use for tracking vocals, acoustic guitar...
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