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Recent content by Dpoirier

  1. Dpoirier

    Quantum or Ares?

    You can go from any fw revision to any other without problem. The only question is whether it's going ti screw up your presets. Ares sounds good, but frankly, so did Quantum. When I went to Ares, it totally destroyed all my presets (years of tweaking), but I stuck with it and fixed every one of...
  2. Dpoirier

    Anyone here use a Dean Zelinsky guitar?

    I don't remember how that started, but I get a feed in Facebook from Dean Zelinsky guitars, which I don't know anything about. But they look really nice, and the price looked attractive the one time I looked into it. Anyone?
  3. Dpoirier

    Covid + and recovered?

    Yek my man, take good care and get well soon! And not just for the selfish reason that you are an incredible contributor to this community, but also compassionately, human to human.
  4. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    This thread just keeps on getting better and better... Tremendous help! Keep it coming...
  5. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    That makes us even, then, as your thread has given me lots of positive ways to deal with the situation 😊
  6. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    @Joe Bfstplk I'm about 3 hours south of Chennai, might as well be at the end of the world with the lock-down. Impossible to get anywhere near Chennai... But sincere thanks for the suggestion. I'm a little dismayed and disappointed that there are so few replies in this thread. The idea was...
  7. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    Most personally challenging: I'm a Canadian who was visiting India for 4 months when the crisis exploded. Flights back got cancelled, now India is in total lock-down and does not allow any international flights. There are food shortages, imposed stay-at-home isolation for all, and some animosity...
  8. Dpoirier

    Vendor Dr Bonkers Has a Free Gift to Get Your Mind Off of Shelter in Place

    These are wav files? Forgive the newbie question, but how do I load this into my II XL?
  9. Dpoirier

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I don't want to sound ignorant, or to attract the "wrath of the forumites", but... Isn't it possible the media are blowing this out of proportion and causing an unneeded widespread panic because it results in higher readership? I mean, the plain old influenza caused 21,000 deaths in Germany...
  10. Dpoirier

    Looper app (Android)?

    Aw man, I was sure I'd find like-minded users who know of a good looper app... Darn... Am I asking the question wrong? English is not my language, so perhaps I wasn't clear?
  11. Dpoirier

    Looper app (Android)?

    I'm looking for a free and simple app to just practice with (acoustic, otherwise I'd use my XL's looper). Keyword is simple. Looking in the play store, many (most?) have theory, examples, social-media-wannabe, bells, whistles, and make coffee. Not interested. I just want to record a short...
  12. Dpoirier

    Vendor V2-Fred 1966 Fender(R) Pro Reverb with Oxford speakers by Valhallir.at

    Is there a free sample of this cab available somewhere? Thanks...
  13. Dpoirier

    Sustain without compression?

    I used to struggle a lot with that same issue, and found I couldn't get enough sustain out of my Axe-fx setup. Then I found two things that help a lot. 1-) Play very loud, which doesn't really help in most situations... And 2-) use the mix knob in the compressor block, which let's your...
  14. Dpoirier

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    I wonder if it would be possible to find that article somewhere, perhaps online? Or (since it's probably out of print and therefore ethically acceptable), would you consider scanning it and sharing? I do basic setups on my main guitar, but I could always learn more
  15. Dpoirier

    Good clean preset?

    I have some very good lead tones, excellent crunch and rhythm tones, and lots of ambiant cleans, but I'm now in need of a solid, punchy clean that cuts through (with a loud bass player, a drummer, and an acoustic-electric rhythm player). This clean tone is to be used for chords, arpeggios, and...
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