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Recent content by Dpoirier

  1. Dpoirier

    Do I want a Surface Pro? What other options?

    I've been using a Surface Pro 3 for over 3 years now, and have never been so happy with any PC, laptop, or tablet. It's a full-powered Windows 10 machine in the best possible package size and weight for my use and personal preference. Large enough that I don't even miss my "big" laptop, and the...
  2. Dpoirier

    My Multi purpose PRESET opinions

    Same here... Converted with Fractool, wouldn't load to my II XL using the bot, had to use AxeEdit to load it up, but alas, unusable, too much cpu and crackles like mad. Had to remove several things, including the worst culprit (modifier on input gain of amp block) for it to behave. Have to play...
  3. Dpoirier

    Classic Songs whose mixes still hold up this day

    I have 3 CDs that I use consistently to demo high end stereos (I'm a big-time serious audiophile) and there is nothing on those three CDs that us more recent than the 80s. Starting in the 90s, every recording was compressed to death as a result of the volume war (anything perceived to be louder...
  4. Dpoirier

    Watching Sade video “Bring Me Home”... wow

    I used to really like her music and particularly her singing style. Her voice was sometimes just a little off, or it would do a slight glissando. But then, one day, she put out a new album where her voice was completely autotuned, and she ended up sounding just like every other useless instant...
  5. Dpoirier

    Axe-Fx Ultra - Win64 - Presonus 16.0.2 midi I/O

    What are you trying to do? I remember my Ultra being finicky about midi at one point, and I found that if I connected only one midi cable, it worked fine. So if I was trying to back up my presets, I would only conect Ultra midi out to my interface's midi in. If, on the other hand, I wanted to...
  6. Dpoirier

    Quantum or Ares Firmware?

    I waited and adopted Ares late, but I've been struggling with it ever since. The problem is that (because I'm in a cover band covering lots of different material and styles), I have since made lots of new presets under Ares, and I cannot really revert back to Quantum anymore. My own fault, but...
  7. Dpoirier

    UPS and Canada Import Fees?

    UPS may be an acceptable shipper for domestic, within-Canada parcel shipping, but when it comes to US-to-Canada, UPS are outlandish highway robbers. I refuse to do business with any US company that imposes UPS shipping.
  8. Dpoirier

    Anyone know the frequency curve of a guitar's tone control?

    I know it's likely to be guitar-model-specific, so in my case it's a Tom Anderson drop-top on the bridge humbucker. We play a song where I'd need to lower the tone on my guitar for a short passage, but the song's rhythm doesn't allow enough time to do it all (tone-down, play the riff, tone-up...
  9. Dpoirier

    Anyone tried the Amposo wireless?

    Just saw this: https://amposo.com/products/wirelesssystem?variant=28379535376489 Looks very elegant, and is really affordable. But does it work properly for a serious musician? 70 foot range, 6 ms latency, perhaps these are acceptable functional limitations, but I'd like to know more. The...
  10. Dpoirier

    Latest Fractal-Bot borked my II XL

    Doh! I meant FractalBot, not AxeEdit. Darn! My mind thought "FractalBot", my eyes saw "FractalBot" but my clumsy fingers typed "AxeEdit"... And now I can't fix the thread title (unless a kind Admin could do that?) EDIT: was able to change the title (and edit my post) to correct them. Thanks...
  11. Dpoirier

    Latest Fractal-Bot borked my II XL

    Yesterday, the latest FractalBot installed itself when I started it, and it ran fine. Today, three or four double-clicks and it still wouldn't launch. Perplexed, I decided to wait before investigating, turned back to the task at hand (practice guitar) but all my presets sounded really weird...
  12. Dpoirier

    Looking For Help With A Single Stereo Or Dual Mono Active FRFR System

    There is no such thing as consistency. Simple. Don't have that expectation, otherwise you will be unhappy with whatever FRFR system you get, then you will replace it with another, and another, and so on. I know, I've been there. The reason is simple: there is no consistency between one FOH...
  13. Dpoirier

    New Posts - What's the difference?

    Wondering about it here too... Weird thing is that the two options do not return the same list if posts. Not very intuitive!
  14. Dpoirier

    York Audio Delux Verb Cab Pack is out now!!!

    Hi Justin, do you ever give away samples for potential buyers to make up their mind and purchase the pack? I've had my share of buying packs that I don't even like or use, and the purchased packs that I do use are the ones for which I had previously had a chance to try a free sample of. Just...
  15. Dpoirier

    Thoughts to get that tone (Alannah Myles)

    Thanks for all your help, and apologies to your wife!
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