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Recent content by Cooper Carter

  1. Cooper Carter

    Neal Schon’s FM9

    🙏🏻🤘🏻 Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, one preset for the whole show. It's more like semi clean and four flavors of big, driven tones. He uses the volume knob a lot to get a ton of mileage out of any one setting.
  2. Cooper Carter

    Neal Schon’s FM9

    We have four scenes in Neal's live FM9 preset, along with various effects on IA switches. In the photo I posted, you're seeing two buttons because that's the Looper layout. You're seeing REC and PLAY. All the other rings are dimmed down to min value for clarity onstage.
  3. Cooper Carter

    Best way to use IEM with axfx3?

    Output 1: FOH/IEM Output 2: Power amp+Cab/FRFR
  4. Cooper Carter

    Any “must watch” videos for Fractal Newbie?

    Yep, looing like first week of September!
  5. Cooper Carter

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Eric Johnson, Austin City Limits 1990 Led Zeppelin, How the West Was Won Allman Bros, Live at the Fillmore East Pink Floyd, Pulse Dire Straits, On the Night
  6. Cooper Carter

    Javier Reyes rig rundown - Two Axe-FX III units?

    A and B unit. A is the main; B is for backup. Both are always live to the FOH board. If A has an issue, they'll mute it and unmute B. Audience likely won't even notice.
  7. Cooper Carter

    Maroon 5 Axe-Fx III Awesomeness

    In the works. Stay tuned.
  8. Cooper Carter

    Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter!

    Yep, option one is the most straightforward. Guitar 1: IN 1, OUT 1 Guitar 2: IN 2, OUT 2 Entirely independent signal chains. You could also easily implement daisy-chain FC controllers with independent layouts to control each "rig."
  9. Cooper Carter

    Easy Reamping Workflow

    On the Axe and FM9, I prefer to use the USB block so that you can avoid the global input change altogether. All you need to do to reamp is turn on the USB block, and you're running the DI signal into the preset. Detailed here:
  10. Cooper Carter

    Easy Reamping Workflow

    Quick and easy live reamping!
  11. Cooper Carter

    how use syx

    Hey there, you can skip to the last module of the class on managing preset and cab files if you want to, but I do recommend starting at the beginning and going through the class in order. .syx files can be all sorts of things, but as someone mentioned above, most of the ones in the class are...
  12. Cooper Carter

    Don't repeat my Virtual Capo mistake

    I prefer a steep cliff mod curve on bypass for pitch blocks over auto engage but ymmv
  13. Cooper Carter

    Don't repeat my Virtual Capo mistake

    You might also consider tying your same external controller to the bypass state.
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