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Recent content by cobra commander

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    Is there still a way to make IRs compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra?

    I found this today, it might be relevant to your needs. I'm not at home right now to test this works though. You want axe fx ir convertor installer 2.0. Jar http://archive.axefx.fr/Tools/old/
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    Preset/cab packs you can still buy for the Ultra

    Thanks ML :) I *think* I found a cope here if anyone else wants to give it a bash.. archive.axefx.fr/Tools/old/ When I get my back to my PC i'll give this a try, but that might not be for a while as its in storage.
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    Preset/cab packs you can still buy for the Ultra

    I'd be really interested in picking one of these packs up. Is there a tool available for standard users to convert wavs to the correct sysx format to loaf them into the unit? I've had a search and not found much
  4. C

    BJ Devices TB-12 Review

    Ditto, these look awesome. Id love to upgrade my old fcb1010 to something that will give me tuner and patch names by my feet - if the tb6 can do that, sign me up!
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    Standard/ultra replacement display

    Ok, I tried a couple of displays off mouser and digikey, looks like the displays are very specific for the standards as none worked. Long story shor a friend in Australia managed to get me the last one from the Australian dealer and I've finally got my screen working again!! Now I can properly...
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    Were do I find a driver for the Axe Fx Ultra?

    Hey Ericc, just to check - were you trying to reamp the axe fx via midi into your interface? As midi will never carry the guitar signal - only control information for patch changes. You could use the spdif port for reamping but I heard the results are mixed and you’d be better off reamping via...
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    Standard/ultra replacement display

    Ok updates for anyone interested or in the same boat as myself .. I’ve googled the part numbers on the back of the screen but the only hit I got was a post from 2015 on this forum with someone else asking exactly the same question. So.. I did some searching online and found a part which...
  8. C

    Standard/ultra replacement display

    Thanks Musikron, i googled the number off the back a few weeks ago and got nothing - but i'll open it up tonight and have a try on the mouser site - i didn't search any specific websites, just google o_O
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    Standard/ultra replacement display

    Thanks for the tip dude, sadly didn’t work. I’ve had confirmation from fractal that they can’t get the screens any more which is a shame :( does anyone have an old(broken) unit out there where I could buy your screen off you?
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    Standard/ultra replacement display

    Hi all, new member and axe fx owner here :) I just picked up a used standard from a buddy but it looks like the screen got damaged on the way over from the US to the UK. A bar about 1/4 of the screen is totally blank. I spoke with g66 and it seems thwy cant get any more replacement screens...
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    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    As soon as they do a demo that isn't generic blues riffs through a plexi model, I'll be able to gauge My interest in this unit. For now though I'm going to continue saving for a fractal product.
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