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Recent content by Cem

  1. Cem

    Rack Ears replacement

    I just bought a used Axe Fx 2 as a backup unit, but it came without the rack ears. Anybody know where I can get rack ears to fit the unit? in Europe / Norway.
  2. Cem

    Wish Customisable Amp List menu

    That wouldn't work for my need in the Amp way. I already use the block library for amps with specific settings. I want the default version of the amps to be in that list, not a version that i tweaked for a specific reason. Of course it would be possible to use it that way but it's no different...
  3. Cem

    Wish Customisable Amp List menu

    Doesn’t have to work the same way. If you use Logic Pro, think or their way of organising Plugins. You have the all list, and then you have your own tabs you can customise. By default, there is no custom. When you add, they are there.
  4. Cem

    Wish Customisable Amp List menu

    No, it would be a part of your default list if it’s not in your custom list, we wouldn’t delete them off the Ace. I am not talking about not having the other list accessible. Think of it like the cab block having Factory cabs and User Cabs tabs. They both exist together.
  5. Cem

    Wish Customisable Amp List menu

    I have been thinking it would be nice to be able to customise the amp menu, even if only on Axe-Edit, to have a view mode that shows only a chosen list of favorite amps so that one doesn't need to scrool through all the amps that they don't ever use. There can be two options as Default/Custom...
  6. Cem

    Wish Low Cut and High Cut options for Global Output Parametric EQs

    If not for all outputs for output 1 and output 2 with adjustable dB slope. Since we can't use both Graphic and Parametric at the same time, and have limited amount of bands. And shelving low end out isn't the same as low cutting it so, this would be very useful at least for how I use Output EQs.
  7. Cem

    BUG Tuner freaked out after upgrading firmware 12.14

    Not possible, because I have never ever changed the tuner calibration before. Or had +12 dB on all EQ bands in any time in my life.
  8. Cem

    BUG Tuner freaked out after upgrading firmware 12.14

    Firstly, why can't we choose BUG as a prefix anymore? We were working on a solo acoustic guitar recording, so we didn't realise after too late. But made us lose 6 hours of work. (Because we don't have absolute hearing) The tuner calibration default was changed from A 440 Hz to A 449 Hz, took...
  9. Cem

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    I had a weird bug after upgrading to 12.14. Output EQ block freaked out somehow and i found that every band of the Out GEQ was set to +12 dB and took some time to figure out what was wrong with it :)
  10. Cem

    Screen brightness and can you turn it off?

    It could be set to turn back on automatically after a restart? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Cem

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    G66 doesn’t even know when they might be receiving the headphone version vs Headphone models started shipping in US. What is the big picture here that I am missing apart from that you are prioritizing the US market by many months?
  12. Cem

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Apparently what G66 will be receiving beginning of June is non-headphone versions... Why such a huge difference in the wait amount? Not fair for European customers at all.
  13. Cem

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Neglection of European customers is way too real at this point @Admin M@
  14. Cem

    Andy Wood teaches EJ / Bonnamasa style

    Can anybody figure out which exact cabs he is using ? He says 4x12 g12-65 and 4x12 lead80 but they don't really exist as he reads them and I think he would have mentioned if they were custom IRs.
  15. Cem

    Allan Holdsworth Leads sound so liquid, right?

    I was not saying that his tone isn't about technique. I am assuming everybody knows how important people's techniques are to their sound. I was saying this topic isn't about technique. Let me worry about the technique part myself. There are still right amps wrong amps whomever you are trying...
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