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Recent content by brycegoertzen

  1. brycegoertzen

    Flight Of The Bumblebee | Performed in 7 Different Genres | Guitar Cover by Andre Antunes

    That was very entertaining. I giggled at the samba part
  2. brycegoertzen

    New Jam using Axe II for Guitars/Synth Pads

    Reminds me of 90's video games. Very unique to the forum. Nice job dude!
  3. brycegoertzen

    First Song with AFX -- Iffy on the Rhythm Tones...

    A lot of the tone comes from the cab. I really love using the Cali 4x12 with an engl or marshall amp in the chain. But the only way you'll find something you'll really like is trial and error with finding tones. Get axe-edit too. It's a lot simpler than dialing it in on the interface. Great...
  4. brycegoertzen

    Guthrie Govan/Larry Carlton backing track jam

    Hey guys this is just a short cover of an improvised solo that Guthrie Govan did over a Larry Carlton backing track. I used the Elegant Gypsy preset which I believe is 83 on the axe. Real good tone for funk/fusion jamming if I do say so. A few flubs here and there, at least I know there's room...
  5. brycegoertzen


    Sounds beefy! Curious to know the layout of the tones. Amp, cab etc. Could you give us a description?
  6. brycegoertzen

    Happy Straturday!

    gets me every time where I'm like "God damn son!"
  7. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Song with Vocals - Patches included in Thread!

    Thanks man! It's quite the fantastic instrument. How do you like the ibanez?
  8. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Song with Vocals - Patches included in Thread!

    Dude. That comment totally made my day. Thanks for the kind words man really! Ya the onscreen lyrics were getting a bit to the point where I'd wanna facepalm myself if I watched it haha. I'm glad you could confirm to go with my gut in taking those off. Happy to be taking your fractal forum...
  9. brycegoertzen

    Cab Pack - ML USA Combos - Clean Preview of all combos

    I agree with having both for the sake of contrast. The tweed and usa brown are my favs. You just can't beat that strat twang. But the brown has great rhythm characteristics too in my opinion. Keep up the awesome work ML!
  10. brycegoertzen

    My new music inspired by Trappist 1 SYSTEM announcement

    Very clean playing dude! Tight tone as well!
  11. brycegoertzen

    Original Metal Song with Vocals - Patches included in Thread!

    Thanks for the feedback buddy! For the Rhythm I used a Diezel 421 and 57 and Leads were Marshall 57 and a diezel 57. They're some custom IR's that my producer made so I don't think they're in the stock catalog sadly.
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