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Recent content by brokenvail

  1. brokenvail

    Biggest struggle-dialing patches

    The KZ’s have a switch in back that kicks in a low cut. Clears up mudd
  2. brokenvail

    Fulfillment Friday?

    The fact that Fractal took a different approach and announced a product that they were basically ready to start shipping is very cool. To think that in less than 2 weeks of announcing ppl will have it is awesome. They did say there was a limited amount for this first round but more coming. As...
  3. brokenvail

    Fulfillment Friday?

    Unless they live very close first those first shipments will start delivering anywhere between Tuesday and Friday next week
  4. brokenvail

    FM9 Case?

    Skb sc2110
  5. brokenvail

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Do you own a QC? It is very much in infancy stage. The cpu optimization for its effects was way off and they don’t even have things like a volume block. They fix some optimization but still no volume block. If they keep tweaking and refining it will really kill one day but that day is not today
  6. brokenvail

    Stereo Cab Panned or Centered?

    I use two IR’s but it is same cab with two different mics and I run them centered. I have my verbs and delays in stereo after the cab block
  7. brokenvail

    FM3 / FC6 / FC12 Gigbags?

    For FM+ FC+ Ev not mounted to a pedal board nothing beats this bag for the money SKB 1SKB-SC2111 21 x 11 x 3 Inches Controller Soft Case
  8. brokenvail

    How do you get your clean

    Although I use one amp for everything I find that if you use different amps but keep the same IR it feels less abrupt/ unmusical
  9. brokenvail

    Chromebook for FM3 and Axe3?

    I use a net book got running editors
  10. brokenvail

    My FM3 rig (+ presets)

    Lol I like mine that way too
  11. brokenvail

    layouts issue

    Wonder if the layout change is connected to the hold feature and OP is not releasing switch fast enough?
  12. brokenvail

    Tucana amp

    I have not tried it but the Triptik has been my number 1 for years
  13. brokenvail

    FM3 with and without FC6

    You confirmed an idea I have been having with your second layout. I will do a modified version of it!
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