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  • and Cameron models i tried (that about as heavy as i get) hope that helps
    over the weekend with some harder rock\metal stuff and see how it goes with that but i think its promising given how it was with AFD100
    Paired it up with UAD OX and real amp - sounded awesome so think there's good potential with the AXE FX once i get used to it-will try more
    BUT, when i got an IR that worked it worked better than through my studio monitors by a large margin + what i remember from the asm12
    Felt like it may be a little senstive to the IR, maybe bad explanation but felt like i was playing a cab through a cab in some cases.
    bottom end felt right\tight, high end like a cab. Haven't done metal and don't play prog so can't speak specifically to them. I will say
    imediately, i liked how the zilla cab sounded\fels - was like playing through a cab
    consider i don't relaly like FRFR, tried CLR and ASM12.. CLR was when they 1st came out so maybe now i would prefer..
    Hey - only got to mess around with it for a couple of hours last night - below aren't conclusions yet, but observations -
    Hey man.. How was the sound from the Zilla mini stack? Does the F12-X200 speaker work well with metal/progressive genre? Thanks
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