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Recent content by Bakerman

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    TRS expression pedal into FC-6 Pedal 1?

    Disabling expression function with the switch probably causes the pedal input to be read as minimum value. If that's the case, setting the minimum value/volume knob on the pedal high enough would let the switch control bypass state via auto-engage or bypass modifier. A "Y" cable isn't going to...
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    scratching my head here...need a little help...

    See FC manual page 37. The second part will probably make more sense once you locate that page. The CS settings are per scene, so by making the initial scene switch them off, it's always going to switch them off when selected. The other 7 scenes can use any setting (on/off/last) as needed.
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    scratching my head here...need a little help...

    If you're switching modifier sources to CS and want those to begin off when selecting preset: Per-preset FC menu, CS Per Scene "off" for all CS in initial scene. Note that returning to the initial scene later would switch them off again. If you want them unaffected by scene changes after...
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    Anyone know the frequency curve of a guitar's tone control?

    Try a tone match: tone at 10 for local, lower setting for reference. Pedal can fade between TM & shunt using a mixer. Parking it midway probably won't sound exactly like some other tone setting between reference & 10, but I'm assuming you just want a quick smooth fade from 10 to the match...
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    Boss OC-3 type of fx

    Assigning pitch follower to pitch mix won't isolate the lowest note(s) of a chord. You might get something usable with Octave Divider type since it's more like a monophonic synth, but that can get glitchy. If octave divider on the III supports local detection, low-passing the signal around 150...
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    Is there an effect similar to Tremolo...

    Tremolo block, LFO type = square, depth = 100%
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    Possible bug? Impedance auto function

    Try bypassing return, amp & cab then check impedance. Those being in earlier columns would prevent drive from changing impedance if this works like the Axe II.
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    Possible bug? Impedance auto function

    Can you post a screenshot of the layout? I'm wondering if you have another block (feedback return?) in an earlier column or above the effects mentioned. On the Axe II this would have priority for impedance. IOW it's not really based on signal flow, just the first active block as you look...
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    Heavy - Collective Soul

    That's guitar with the same tremolo effect as the intro. All on 3rd string, high notes tapped: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/32o5f697pqdpbwa/heavy-chotap.mp3
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    How to do this in Axe-Fx III?

    32, not 120. (2^5)
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    Volume swells and changes are not recorded with Axe-Fx II soundcard?

    If you add an inverted DI signal to the processed output, this will remove the DI when a program sums all USB inputs. Disable input gate and keep input block level at 0 dB for best results. Add a row of shunts plus a filter with INVERT set to BOTH. You could send this all to Out 1 but you'd...
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    Volume swells and changes are not recorded with Axe-Fx II soundcard?

    If you only connect Out 1 to the Steinberg there's no unprocessed signal reaching it. The problem with Axe as sound device is USB channels 3/4 getting recorded with no way to disable them in the program. One possible workaround would be to use Input 2 and FX Loop to bring signal into the grid...
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    Volume swells and changes are not recorded with Axe-Fx II soundcard?

    It sounds like you're getting the processed and DI signals combined with the video program. This is common when something doesn't provide a way to select only certain inputs of a device. Around -4 to -6 dB is usually fine for USB return level. This helps avoid output clipping when playing along...
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    How to do this in Axe-Fx III?

    You could do the last example with fewer blocks and grid space like this: Assign CS2, 3, 4 to mixer block row levels. (Switch on = 100%) Assign CS1 to Comp bypass, bypass mode = thru. (Switch on = Comp engaged) Amp 1 "input select" = LEFT Vol/pan bypass mode = MUTE Assign CS2, 3, 4 to...
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    Volume swells and changes are not recorded with Axe-Fx II soundcard?

    What options does the recording program have for selecting audio input channels? Does it sound like a clean unprocessed signal on the recording? USB inputs 3/4 are unprocessed, so maybe those are being recorded instead of or in addition to USB 1/2.
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