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Recent content by Bakerman

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    Looking for a solution for an unplugged expression pedal when using the Wah Block

    You'd need to reboot or adjust the init. value after unplugging the pedal. If you just unplug it the value would go to 100% as the init. value is irrelevant once any movement is detected.
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    Global Volume Pedal Issue

    I didn't think global parameters could be set to External Controls. Also I'm not sure if OP wants the volume to begin at 0 always, or just start at the pedal value (which could be some other value sometimes).
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    Question about using two controllers for guitar and keys

    External Controls (each with a CC# assigned) as bypass modifiers can be used for this. (Leave PC Reset OFF in modifier settings.)
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    Turn one effect block off when another one turns on

    I'm guessing you'd sometimes want tremolo and rotary both bypassed. In that case you can assign a different Control Switch to each block's bypass, and put those two CS in an exclusive group. (See Control Switch section of FAS footswitch functions guide for details.)
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    Effect Status not reverting with scene change

    You could add a scene controller or CS as second modifier source, with "Src1 x Src2" selected. Set the CS Per Scene or Scene Controller value to On/100% in scenes where you want to enable pedal control. In the remaining scenes, Off/0% will keep the modifier at minimum. If you want pedal control...
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    Effect Status not reverting with scene change

    It's normal that an external switch retains control as long as you're on the preset with things configured as described. Switching scenes won't let PC RST restore the saved state. You mentioned CS Per Scene settings, but you don't have the external switch set up as a CS here. That's actually...
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    How would you describe this drum beat?

    I didn't mean to imply 6/8 is odd but yes, it's compound (some type of dotted note as the beat). In contrast 5/4 is 3+2 or 2+3 at the quarter note level. Someone might say that's just "simple quintuple" meter but I'd call it odd too.
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    How would you describe this drum beat?

    I haven't seen that definition before. IME odd meter usually means groups of different length (twos and threes) at some level within a measure. 6/8 is two beats, both the same length (three eighth notes). 5/4 is 5 equal beats, but at the quarter note level you have 3/4 + 2/4 or 2/4 + 3/4, so...
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    How would you describe this drum beat?

    The drum beat isn't really swung at all. Maybe this mismatch/flamming between drums and (swung) guitar upstroke on the "and" of beat 3 is a thing you noticed.
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    Record stereo to separate tracks?

    I/O: Audio menu, make sure Output 1 Mode = Stereo.
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    Wish Delay repeat clearing

    Because that's not how the delay block works. The buffer isn't being "scaled". Adjusting time is like moving a playback head various distances from the (fixed) record head on a tape that's running at a constant speed. If you move the playback head right next to the record head (let's say 10 ms...
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    Wish Delay repeat clearing

    That's what mixermang seemed to be claiming. As you've noticed, it doesn't clear it and you hear whatever was input 8 seconds ago when delay time returns to 8 seconds.
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    Wish Delay repeat clearing

    What's the maximum delay time you're returning to? The easiest way to test this is with very long maximum times, like 8 seconds. Feedback isn't even really needed to test whether the buffer gets cleared. Try playing a 1-octave scale (8 notes) at 1 note per second into the 8000 ms delay. Then...
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    Wish Delay repeat clearing

    Most delays don't work like that on the Axe-FX. If it was scaling the whole buffer there would be no need to slide/crossfade taps for different times. If you dropped ingain & feedback to 0 for some time (say 100 ms) you've only made the most recent 100 ms of the buffer silent. The time setting...
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