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Recent content by Bakerman

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    Multiplexer: Is there a way to toggle between two or more Rows via Envelope?

    Toggling between two rows/values is possible if someone can get this working on the III: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ideas-for-auto-pan.157190/post-1874477
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    Wish New CS Per Scene Value

    I think OP means when the scene was last active. Basically, if you think of how block channel & bypass states function with scene revert off, make the same possible for CS states.
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    Adding makeup gain (via level or auto-makeup, which accomplish the same thing) won't specifically add this type of upward compression with a second threshold. Looking at the blocks guide I see now that Studio FF 2 and Studio FB 2 types use upward compression. If you want upward compression of...
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    Exp pedal margin?

    It sounds like E.S. is saying the ADC values change but no modifier dot movement occurs in the highest & lowest 5% or so of the value range that would have been seen during calibration. If this actually occurs, it's probably to ensure a steady min/max value when something doesn't return to the...
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    It's a reduction of dynamic range by bringing the gain progressively higher below some threshold.
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    This is still compression, upward compression instead of (or in addition to) the downward compression from the compressor block. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range_compression#Types
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    You can try having the envelope controller increase compressor (or any block) level when your input level falls below a certain value. Or for the same idea on the grid, use a gate on a parallel signal that's been inverted with a filter block. Turn the gate level down a bit so it doesn't mute the...
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    Looking for input on a Vai type delay with harmonizer I think

    It's quarter note left, half note right (calling tempo q = 86) for the loud delays. (698 ms, 1396 ms) The quieter ambient delay (quarter note left, eighth note right) from the rest of the track is also there, fed by a mono sum of dry & louder delays. To get this exact you'd need to use a...
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    Type of Decibel Units Used In Level Adjustments?

    I remembered wrong; USB playback has the boost & pad applied. I was thinking only grid audio might get the boost, making USB audio quieter when padded. The synth block (unfiltered voice at 100% level) produces 0 dBFS with block level at +18 dB. Assuming this gives the maximum +20 dBU in the...
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    Type of Decibel Units Used In Level Adjustments?

    The horizontal level meters in the utility menu have the "0 dB" line somewhere that generally leaves 10 dB or so (IIRC) of headroom. They also have some kind of basic virtual head/ear algorithm where different content with the same peak dBFS reading won't necessarily give the same value on those...
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    Dealing with hot guitar

    A synth block can be used to test this sort of thing. Send a saw or triangle wave from an output (through a cable) to the input.
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    New FC-6 to go with FM3 - moving EV-1 pedal to FC-6?

    Ext. Ctrl. initial values only apply from power-on (or most recent adjustment if you've adjusted the init. value itself) until a change in value of the assigned controller. To have a modified parameter begin at a certain value anytime the preset is selected, enable PC Reset in the modifier...
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    New FC-6 to go with FM3 - moving EV-1 pedal to FC-6?

    You need to adjust the FM3 settings when you switch pedal ports like that. Note that if you have modifiers for things like wah, whammy, volume block on the grid, you can choose an External Control as source rather than selecting a specific pedal port. Then you can adjust the Ext Ctrl assignment...
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    Master Volume VS. Master Volume Trim

    They have the same effect. If you aren't setting MV to 10 and needing even more MV, you probably don't need to worry about MV trim.
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