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How to Embed Media (Images, Videos, etc.)

Embedding media such as videos and images using third-party sharing sites on the forum is now easier than ever.

For most media sharing sites, all you need to do paste the URL of the video, image, collection or folder into the message edit pane and the forum will automatically detect the image hosting site and turn your URL into an embedded widget in your post. There are currently 122 supported media sites, including the most popular image, video and sound hosting sites. You can find the list of supported sites here: http://s9etextformatter.readthedocs.io/Plugins/MediaEmbed/Sites/



Hey! Check out my cool new sound!



Hey! Check out my new video!



A single image:

Hey! Check out my new image!


An album:

Hey! Check out my new image album!


Google Drive

Google drive is great for hosting high-resolution images. There's ample space and you can control what you share. It's recommended over Dropbox for sharing lots of photos on the site.

Hey! Check out my new image album!

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