Petrucci in Guitar Player... No Axe 2 Love?!?

Just reading this article in guitar player (dec. 2013). And petrucci talked all about "his mesa's" for the recording of the new record. No mention of the almighty axe fx 2. Also after a quick look the my pile of mags i found when he was on the cover of guitar world he didnt say shite about the axe either. However it was nice to see Chris Broderick balls deep on the AF2 in an interview in sum magazine. Any thoughts/comments
He speaks about his endorsements that pay. Doesnt mean that he doesnt have love fer the axe. If Mesa is paying him $$$$ then theyd go bananas if he didnt go on and on about the rectifier. If he spoke about the axe fx of which he is paid no endorsement money then theyd also go apeshit.
He doesn't use it for anything other than effects. Why would he talk about it for his recorded guitar tone?
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I'm sure Mesa pays him but that isn't why he mentions their products. That's how he gets his tone. If you watch the pre-production videos on YouTube he talks about these magical heads that he's spent his whole life finding. He mentions the Axe-FX from time to time but he always as an effect processor. I don't think if he said he uses Mesa in the studio and the Axe-FX on the road or just some Mesa and some Axe-FX, that Mesa would harass him (much). He's John F'ing Petrucci. Every amp company in the world wants his endorsement.

I wish he'd use his Axe-FX for an amp in the studio or on the road or rehearsal or whatever and share his patches. Now that would be awesome.
I read he used the axe for all the scratch tracks on DTOE, and that some of the scratch track performances were so good, they actually made the master. I bet there isn't a person on earth who can actually "hear" which tracks those are. My point? Doesn't matter what he uses- his tone for the majority of his career is Mesa. Mesa is in his musical DNA, and he is part of that family. Mesa is by far my favorite amplifier as well. Doesn't mean I don't also love my AXE. In the end, they are all tools to create art.
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