Is there any way to assign View to a switch on an Expression pedal port?


I know that a single switch can be plugged into an expression pedal port on an FC or FM9, that works fine, but I can't for the life of me work out how to assign it to the View command. Am I missing something obvious, or is this currently impossible?
Thanks for the reply Chris. I'm familiar with how stand-in switches work (I currently use 4 of them on the SW 1+2 and SW 3+4 inputs), what I was trying to do is get the View command assigned to an FC Pedal input. It seems impossible.

I can work around this by assigning View to one of SW input buttons and using the FC Pedal input for a regular effect tied to an External or Control Switch, but the physical location of where I want to be able to stomp on the View button will require building a splitter cable and physically rewiring my external switches, which I was trying to avoid.

My 4 stand in switches live above an FC-6, and I want the View button next to the bottom row of switches, so scribble strips are not obstructed when I press it. I'm limited for space for re-arrangement of pedals, so soldering seems the only solution.
Oh the mention of FM9 port confused me. You mean the specific expression pedal jacks on the FC, not the switch jacks.

Expression ports aren’t in the logic of Stand in switches. They can only be used for parameters that can host a modifier, and anything on the MIDI pages of setup.

I believe you cannot assign Views to the FC pedal jacks.
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