How come adding a block to my chain is adding gain to my amp model?


I have a main patch I use that is just all in one line which is totally full. I wanted to add a Pitch Block so u just ran a shunt off the line then down to the next line and into the block then back up to the main patch line. The second I connect it it add way more gain to my amp model like I'm turning on a tube screamer. It does this if the effect is on or off and only doesn't do it when I just delete the block. It does it no matter what effect I add there as long as I add a block. I'm probably just adding the block wrong in the chain since I've only ever ran just one straight line across but I am out of space.
I believe the parallel signal path effectively doubles the level at the block where they join up.
Even when the effect is not on? What the proper way to add more effects than and not just keep making my amp model mush?
I was just watching a Scott Peterson video and he says to make sure the effects aren't set to THRU. Which I imagine mine are set too and that is the problem.
Set bypass mode to Mute In or Mute Out, mix to 100%.

See manual section 16.15.2 if you want to use a chain of more than 12 blocks in series.
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