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Cab Alignment Tool in Cab-Lab?


Really neat having it in the Axe-FX III, was wondering if this will be coming to cab-lab for mixes?
It's already in there but I think it could use an upgrade. You have to press the "wrench" icon to expose it, then under the waveform graph, press "Time."

The thing is, the two images aren't very indistinguishable. If they were color separated, like in the III, that would totally rock!
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Joe Bfstplk

Love CabLab! It's great being able to take my multi-IR cab mixes and turn them into one IR. Great savings in processor power that can be used for other things....

Would it be possible to switch the unit for time-aligning cabs from mS of delay time to mm of mic distance change, so it matches the alignment tool within Axe-Edit, or make it an option to switch units in the CabLab preferences?

I found an online tool here that lets you convert, but who knows how accurate it is....
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